One thing about real leather is that it is rarely cheap. So you want to buy a pair that is flattering and can be re-worn often in various situations.

The soft supple leather is usually the best option, as it feels warm and is always practical, but whether you opt for tight trousers or a high-waisted, looser design largely depends on your confidence and your body shape.

These days anyone and everyone wear what they like.

Leather Tan Trousers - Stay Stylish & Comfortable At Home Gracie Opulanza Fattoris Mansi Bernardini 2020 Autumn (3)


Looser Leather Trousers

Looser leather trousers are an ideal alternative to jeans. As I walk around Fattoria Mansi Bernardini full of nature. I want to look stylish and feel comfortable.
At the moment Italy will go into full lockdown by next week. So my mental fashion health goes up a notch. I opt for leather trousers.
Leather Tan Trousers - Stay Stylish & Comfortable At Home Gracie Opulanza Fattoris Mansi Bernardini 2020 Autumn (3)
My trainer style leather trousers with an elastic waist are the perfect leather pair for staying home.
I cook in them and walk the estate below.
Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Italy Tuscany

Given that this is a year where we’re all prioritising comfort, I would err on the side of a wide-legged style

Aston Martin DB Cotswold's 2020 gracie opulanza leather trousers

Me driving and reviewing Aston Martin DB11 driving in leather trainer trousers. Super comfortable, loose and warm.

My last question Was how on earth I wash them?

The answer seems to be, you don’t, as dry cleaning bills for leather can be as high as £80 a pop.

 “For spot stains, use a warm damp cloth, and dab. “Don’t rub the stain or use cleaning products this can damage the leather.

Leather leggings

Prevention is best, so waterproof regularly and uses leather creams to nourish and maintain.”

To be honest I never do.

Life is short wearing them to death is the key. Even if you are mowing the lawns. I also own a legging pair which are super comfy. My favourite leather legging brand is Uterque. Bought them for years.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Lucca Tuscany (2)

I opt always for the leather tan colour to match autumn and nature.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Lucca Tuscany (2) Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Lucca Tuscany (2)

High Heel Trainers

I wear leather trousers at the moment with any kind of trainer. As for my matching sock style, I opt for the latest sock-style from London Sock Company.

London Sock Company