I am at Fattoria Mansi Bernardini   a stunning Estate in Tuscany Italy. Autumn is in full swing and in the morning and late evening there is a dew which is heavy. So my feet in trainers get wet.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Lucca Tuscany (1)

All of my winter wardrobes are far away and I won’t be seeing it for along time. Hence these are the only winter wellington Rockfish wellies I have right now.

Rockfish Adjustable Wellingtons Gloss - Samba Red

Haute Wellies Are In Vogue

Haute wellies are in vogue, but if substance over style is your preference, then you should perhaps invest in a brand that specialises in them. If you’re chasing Instagram likes or just like the tall look of them, don’t rule out a designer pair.

On occasional days there is also lots of rain. I have so much access to nature and mud the world of walking here in Tuscany is endless.

Rockfish Adjustable Wellingtons Gloss - Samba Red

I love to stroll amongst the olive trees too. I am encountering people throughout the day so my countryside footwear needs to be practical, comfortable and stylish.

Rockfish Adjustable Wellingtons Gloss - Samba Red

Comfortable Sole

This glossy samba red wellingtons from rockfish are super comfortable as they have a spongy sole. The heel also gives this natural rubber boot a nice female touch.

Rockfish Rubber Boots - Countryside Comfortable Footwear

The decorative buckle adds a touch of style on the Original Tall, with a longer Adjustable strap for those who have a fuller calf. I don’t want to be fiddling around putting my boots on and off.

Rockfish Adjustable Wellingtons Gloss - Samba Red

Silk Dress

I like to wear them with my silk outfits from Metiseko as the style of the boot gives a nice rustic overall look. I chose red because its a colour of passion and brings a smile to others around the estate.

There are so many flowers around the estate I like to walk around the gardens not limited by weather and in my wellies I can do that.

Roses and Candles Gracie Opulanza

Lockdown here in Italy is in full swing so I need all the right boots to get me exercising on the estate. I am now set to walk anywhere I like in any type of weather.