Over the last three months I have been travelling throughout South East Asia for menstylefashion.com. This journey was all about luxury and lifestyle experiences at hotels, resorts and restaurants within Asia. The challenging part for me is how do I travel looking good, in such tropical climates? How do I travel for such a long period of time, with just hand luggage and that includes, shoes and all my technology? Hand on heart, I started off well, but as the weeks went by, I failed miserably. So throughout this journey I decided to hunt for the fabric silk as it is a very light fabric.

Let me introduce you to a luxury brand called Metiseko, it’s a journey.

Silk The Perfect Luxury Travel Fabric

Silk is a lightweight fabric which, looks and feels elegant on and it is perfect for tropical luxury travel. In hand luggage alone I know I could easily pack 30 items and stay under 10 kg. I find when washing in tropical climates, silk will dry in no time at all. When I am in tropical environments with high humidity, silk is the best fabric to handle that climate. Most of my trip,  I was sweating so badly, but with silk it’s bearable, presentable and it is a fabric that looks so chic.

My Silk Top Tip

Silk is not a fabric that is flexible therefore I opted to go up one or two sizes, so it moves easily and to avoid tearing at the seams. It is also perfect when its hot as it doesn’t always cling to my sweaty body. At the moment I have gained weight and feel uncomfortable to showcase, my body in the way I would normally. So silk is a great fabric that makes me still look responsibly thin and also covers my pot luxury belly.

Silk is not a fabric that is flexible, therefore I opted to go up one or two sizes to avoid tearing at the seams.

Metiseko It’s A Journey

I spotted Metiseko’s fabulous boutique in Vietnam in Hoi An, which is world heritage listed town. Please do come and visit both the boutique and Hoi An, it is truly wonderful. The boutique’s interior design was just stunning, and it was this that caught my eye. The window display was professional presented and it was so inviting I had to go in. I am all about the luxury shopping experiences, for me less is more when buying clothes these days. I want my shopping experience to be a perfect balance for my body, soul and mind. I want from the moment I enter a boutique, to feel like a madam butterfly browsing and trying on as many clothes as I can. This shop is so pretty that I wanted to stay as long as I could.

The French founders, Erwan Perzo and Florence Mussou are interior design lovers and experts at what they do. Their desire and passion to be so creative to produce only high-quality, luxury products is clearly seen throughout the craftsmanship created here.

Metiseko’s owners truly understand the meaning of both fashion, style and lifestyle and the importance of combining that throughout the shop. It’s obvious they have been driven by a desire to create an upscale cosmopolitan luxury clothing line, accessories and soft furnishing with a “Made in Vietnam” identity.

I love how Vietnam is reflected in the print of the clothing fabrics.

Erwan Perzo and Florence Mussou, have taken the beauty of the country’s landscapes and culture and saw an opportunity to design fabrics.

Sunrise at Fusion Maia Danang

Tamarind Charcoal Jumpsuit

I opted for the Tamarind Charcoal jumpsuit, because it’s an unusual colour to wear in the heat but when I tried it on, I loved it. My arms are not flattering at all and I have never liked exposing them no matter how thin I am, so the loose kimono sleeves, make my arms look as slim as they can be.

It is also an item that I can wear back in Marbella Spain next month for my next luxury spa review.

Timesquare Lush Jungle Tasseled Scarf

This 100% natural silk tasseled scarf, can be worn eight different ways. As I get older, my neck gets colder. It’s versatility is why I chose it and can’t wait to wear it at my next luxury car review.

Papaya Green Lush Shirt Dress

I opted for this shirt dress because of its stunning green design print, which is a memorabilia of my stay here in Vietnam.  The long shirt-sleeves, cover my arms and the
V neck styling with decorative collar stand, suits my body shape. The adjustable silk string at the waistline, is perfect when I lose weight so I can still look fabulous in this gorgeous dress.

Fusion Maia Danang – Luxury Resort And Spa

I stayed at the Fusion Maia Danang resort just 25 minutes away from Hoi An and for me it was a fabulous opportunity to promote these items in the very country they were created in. I chose to wear the items at this picturesque luxury beach resort. There were many stylish guests here who set up their own Instagram photo-shoots showcasing their personal style.

So when they and the team from Fusion Maia, saw me in the outfits they instantly knew where the collection was from. They spoke so highly of French founders, Erwan Perzo and Florence Mussou.

Metiseko, it’s a journey and it makes perfect sense for me to take these silk items into my world of luxury. After all #opulentlifestyle is my life and Opulanza is a lover of everything opulent.