Today I arrived in Hoi An which is a world heritage site in Vietnam. It is a town full of fashion tailors and has some of the best fashion designers for Vietnam living here. Literally a few hours before, it occurred to me that I would love to see a catwalk here sometime. I am also teaming up with some designers out here to learn more about the culture and it’s hidden gems.

I am staying right on a lake amongst the locals and I was informed that a catwalk would be taking place. I decided to go and take a peak and honestly I thought it would be a local event with not much happening.

Don’t be quick to judge others, is a lesson I learnt tonight.

When I turned up I quickly realised that this set up was one of the most unique catwalks I was about to witness. A catwalk with such a cultural perspective and purpose. I found out later, It was actually a fundraising event to raise money for the poor, hosted by a luxury hotel.

This is what I am loving about South East Asia, the people are so humble, giving and generous. They give, asking nothing in return and in regards to hospitality they are one of the most powerful cultures in the world when it comes to serving others.

Be Open To Other Cultures

I was not invited to this event but wanted to grasp my perspective of how much I love Hoi An and the tailors that are out here. So from a distance I just want to share with you my perspective of Hoi An fashion. One of the key successes in growing my brands is I simply capture rare moments such as this. I was the only photographer taking shots from this angle.

2017 has been a wonderful year for me and  today of all days I was thinking, it’s been a very long time since I experienced a catwalk. What I adored about this catwalk was the way it all started on water  in the dark.  This was not an easy task to pull off.

I am a christian and for me, moments like this is a message from God himself. That in the most unlikely parts of the world, my catwalk prayer was answered.

Have a very Merry Christmas.