I am a huge fan of eccentric colours and for the last year my wardrobe has only been the colour black. There is a deep reason why I have chosen to wear black. The sad truth is I am hiding and don’t want to draw attention to myself for reasons I can’t share yet. At Paris Fashion Week this year, I decided that I need to stop hiding and begin to stand out and follow my heart when it comes colours. My sister who is blind and can only see colours in her own mind, advised me to start wearing the colour yellow.

What Does it Mean To Wear Yellow

I have to say my internal reaction has been nothing but pure fear when I think about trending yellow. For me it is such a difficult colour to balance with other colours. It is a colour that stands out for sure. Why on earth do I have to make the colour yellow my new best friend?

Yellow means to acquired knowledge. It is the coulor which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception.

The definition was so spot on regarding my last threes years as the female voice for menswear. Building MenStyleFashion for me is about the practical thinker, not the dreamer. Over the three years I have tried to inspire men that dressing well is uplifting and illuminating. I was offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun to men of all ages about the power of dressing well. And what it can do to man’s confidence. I have been creative from a mental aspect, experimenting new ideas, helping men to find new ways of doing things, regarding their personal image.

Ochre Is Yellow

I got invited to the Jasper Conran show today for London Fashion Week, but due to an unexpected circumstances I sadly I could not attend. Up until now I was still struggling to work out how I am going to trend yellow for 2016. Then I saw the colour Ochre displayed at the Jasper Conran show. OMG of course ochre is from the family of yellow. The penny dropped, this is the colour for me and whilst in Paris, Barcelona and Holland in the last three months, ochre was the colour all long I kept taking photos of.  A colour that will now slowly be bought into my current wardrobe, a colour which is not hard to add to your existing wardrobe.

You see I have lots of earthly colours sitting in my wardrobe. My main fabric is leather and wool. Therefore this colour ochre, which will now be my best friend. Is one that I have to figure out in my own way and style how to add it into my life. With the way Jasper Conran has showcased Ochre on his catwalk, I don’t have to look very far to be inspired let alone buy this collection. My only question is, I have seen this collection today. Can I buy it now on-line. Yes this is the new marketing trend for fashion houses for 2016. See it on the catwalk now, I want to buy it now.

Watch the collection here.

Jasper Conran Autumn Winter 2016 AW16 Womens collection

Ochre waxed cotton mackintosh, brown cashmere dress.

Jasper Conran Autumn Winter 2016 AW16 Womens collection

Mixed colour engineered geometric coat, mixed colour engineered geometric skirt, white silk crew neck top.

Jasper Conran Autumn Winter 2016 AW16 Womens collection

Ochre wool flannel double breasted jacket, ochre wool flannel side split skirt.

Jasper Conran Autumn Winter 2016 AW16 Womens collection

Yellow cashmere chunky high neck sleeveless knit, mixed colour engineered geometric cashmere skirt.