When I wake up in Italy what I love is street style inspirations which are a flooded dream of collective beauty. There walking before me are jewellery boxes in motion encircling stylish Italian women in their sixties living out their dreams.

Currently in the UK on social media the message is about embracing sixty and how women are changing the rules and becoming very cool. The reality is that the Italian women lead the way when it comes to ageing, they always have for years.

If you as a lady need a reality check them book a ticket and fly to Italy. It is one big catwalk when it comes to fashion.

Fashion feeds the flame of age, Michelangelo holds you and we disappear into a cafe whilst walking the dogs.

Italian Women - Turning Sixty Street Style Tips

The Italian women when it comes to looking after themselves such as diet, lifestyle and fashion really are inspirational. They don’t go out preaching it on social media. They just do it, own it and are beautiful, when they go shopping.

The confidence they have is seen by the way they have styled themselves for an evening or morning stroll, it is in their DNA. They honestly don’t think twice about that their public image they just live it. The way they walk is shown by the smiles on their face. I see men of many ages have a good look. The art of flirting is so wonderful to watch here in Italy.


The ladies in their sixties opt for such diverse colours. They team their outfits with eccentric accessories and their handbags are as powerful as their oversized eye wear.  Regarding the figure they are slim, tanned and look after themselves. The Italian diet is one of the healthiest in the world.

When it comes to walking there is such a sophisticated elegance to them. There is always a smile on there face too.  Women of all ages should really take note of this.

We will all age and there is nothing we can do about it. The average Italian women does not do Botox, let alone face lifts. They are very happy with how they are ageing. But it is the olive skin, diet and the DNA that can’t be bought which works in their favour.

Italian Women - Turning Sixty Street Style Tips Italian Women - Turning Sixty Street Style Tips

Sixty Wearing High Heels

I am not  fan of high heels but here in Italy I can’t believe how many women in their sixties are wearing high heels. Today I saw a lady walking ever so slowly and smiling because her age didn’t stop her from walking in high heels on cobble stone paths.

Let’s say God forbid she fell over and broke her neck, it would not matter because she died in style and for the love of being impractical.

Signs of new style languages here in Italy are thanks to women in their sixties.  Nothing to prove but setting the example of carrying the people who love to observe their style.

Fashion can always be bought, style is an art it can’t be taught.

Italian Women - Turning Sixty Street Style Tips

Hair Styles

There hair are of all shapes, colours and styles. No holding back when it comes to hairstyles. Bobs seems to be common but in all the women I have seen their hairstyle is has well thought out as the outfits they have chosen.

Italian Women - Turning Sixty Street Style Tips