Diving headfirst into the opulent universe of Peter Carl Fabergé is like swiping right on luxury itself, and darling, I’ve hit the jackpot every time. Imagine walking into a world where the sparkle doesn’t just come from the diamonds but from every ingeniously crafted piece that tells a story, a secret whisper from the past, especially when it involves the creme de la creme of society, the royal families.

My fascination with Fabergé isn’t just about the bling (though, let’s be honest, a girl can never have too many jewels). It’s about the art, the history, and the sheer audacity of creating something so fabulous that even the most discerning of royals couldn’t resist adding it to their collection. Take, for instance, the British Royal Family, who, thanks to their Russian cousins, found themselves showered in Fabergé gifts. It’s like your relatives giving you a diamond every Christmas, only with a lot more history and a tad more imperial intrigue.

The enduring appeal of Fabergé isn’t just in the jaw-dropping price tags (though they do make for delicious gossip). It’s in the creativity, the craftsmanship, and the sheer joy of owning something that carries with it a story, a piece of history, and a dash of royal approval. Whether it’s in the intricate design of a bejeweled egg that opens up to reveal a miniature royal palace or in a pendant that promises to melt the harshest Russian winter with its beauty, Fabergé knew how to capture the imagination and the heart.



Peter-Carl-Faberge loaned from Moscow

Man Behind The Magic

The man behind the magic, Peter Carl Fabergé, was not just a jeweller; he was a visionary, a pioneer of luxury who knew how to mix fun with opulence. Imagine him as the Elon Musk of the jewellery world, but instead of launching cars into space, he embedded jewels into every conceivable object. From the famous Easter eggs, each a universe of luxury on its own, to items you wouldn’t normally associate with high jewellery, like a French bulldog carved from agate or a cigarette case daringly clasped by a diamond snake.

The charm of Fabergé lies not just in the grandeur but in the storytelling, the craftsmanship, and the ability to transform the mundane into something utterly mesmerizing. Take, for example, Alma Pihl, a name not as widely recognized but just as important. This woman, thriving in a man-dominated industry, designed the Imperial Winter Egg at just 24. Imagine that level of boss lady energy, creating a piece that not only challenges the Russian winter but does so with elegance and diamonds.

It’s like saying, “Winter, darling, if you want to compete, you better up your game.”

Mosaic Peter Carl Faberge

Why Buy Them

The sheer audacity of Fabergé’s creations made them the must-have accessories for the elite, transcending their material value. In a world where luxury can sometimes feel as common as scrolling through Instagram, Fabergé pieces stand out for their uniqueness, their history, and the tales they tell. They’re not just accessories; they’re gateways to a past where opulence and artistry danced together under the candlelight of royal balls.

And let’s not forget the humor behind some of these creations. A hippopotamus lighter as a royal gift? It’s like Fabergé was the original troll, proving that you can indeed mix whimsy with luxury and still have the King of England chuckling in delight.


In today’s world, where luxury often feels a touch impersonal, a Fabergé piece stands as a testament to what true opulence is all about: not just the diamonds and the gold, but the artistry, the personal touch, and the ability to make you feel like, just for a moment, you’re part of something truly magical. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most extravagant luxury is in the story behind the sparkle.

So, as I sit here, draped in my faux fur (because a girl has to maintain some level of mystery), I can’t help but dream of what it would be like to hold a piece of Fabergé history in my hands. To feel the weight of centuries of craftsmanship, the whispers of royal secrets, and the undeniable thrill of being connected, however fleetingly, to a world where luxury knew no bounds, and where a simple egg wasn’t just an egg but a masterpiece. Ah, to live in a world sprinkled with Fabergé’s magic, now that’s a dream worth dreaming.