As I explore Venice here in Italy an ancient city on water. I can’t hope to notice the coral reef colour that surrounds this city. Whether it be a glass lantern on the canal at a restaurant.

Bella Hadid wearing Schiaparelli a lovely, coral necklace in Cannes in 2021.

Bella Hadid schiaparelli coral necklace cannes

Venice is rich in opulent lifestyle and the coral colour is very popular here.

lantern glass shade venice italy 2020 summer

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

The Scuola Grande di San Rocco is a building in Venice, northern Italy. It is noted for its collection of paintings by Tintoretto and generally agreed to include some of his finest work. I saw a coral reef candle holder in the museum and it reminded me of why this colour needs to talk about.

scuola of st rocco venice 2020 gracie opulanza italy (

I also noticed it within these amazing lanterns and parts of the artwork.

scuola of st rocco venice 2020 gracie opulanza italy (3)

During summer are you not seeking to connect with nature? One way you can be inspired is by buying clothing and trying to wear traditional textiles.

But I am yet to see this deep rich coral reef colour been seen or worn by anyone in Venice.

Coral Reef Ecosystem

Coral reefs are another amazing ecosystem I love seeing them in warm and shallow oceans. They are most known for their unusual and diverse plant life, as they are considered to be one of the most productive types of ecosystems. I have seen some coral reefs which are large. I have read coral reefs can even be seen from space!

I have never seen a piece of coral used as a cross holder within a church. But I absolutely love it.

scuola of st rocco venice cross

Coral Reef The Colour

It reminds me of a richer apricot. It is such a summer earthy colour. When see it is stunning. I find this colour hard to find in a cloth form.  But when it comes to accessories, normally as a natural coral itself. It is so powerful and will complete any outfit in a heartbeat. But would you wear real coral? It is very expensive.

I like to team it with colour fabrics such as green and white. The traditional summer drink here in Italy is called Aperol Spritz and I could not help noticing the resemblance too.

rialto bridge venice aperol spritz


I have a huge coral reef necklace and it is heavy. But when I wear it I just adore its message it is a huge statement piece for those seeing me wearing it.

Audi R8 wearing coral reef necklace gracie opulanza

It really goes well with dark denim.

Fake Inspired Coral

Versace Earing 1995

How To Wear Coral Reef

If you find that the colour as a whole is too much then try and find accessories. They are huge statement pieces and if you happen to find it in the natural coral reef be mindful they can be super heavy. You can also team it with earthy browns it looks super chic and edgy.

Venice you see many women trending this as a street style statement.


Being surrounded by water in Venice is also inspiring to capture the beauty of man-made inspired coral reef colours.

It feels and looks very smooth and heavy and that is why one has to choose their jewellery carefully.

How To Wear Coral Reef venice italy 2020 rialto bridge (2)

During Covid 19 I am never been so aware of mother nature and its beauty as now. That is why we, me and you need to preserve the earth and respect it as much as we can.

It’s why I like to always preserve my olive oil trees too.

How To Wear Coral Reef venice italy 2020 rialto bridge (2)

It is a stone-hard to find. Rare and expensive. But I found this heavy chunky piece on the Rialto bridge.

But here in Italy, there are vintage pieces to be had. It’s a strong healing colour to wear during thought times. When walking the streets of Venice, it certainly gets a lot of attention.

How to spot fake coral?

Dip it in milk. If it leaks in colour, then it is real. If it feels like glass then it is not coral.

coral necklace

I love teaming it with crochet colours.