Do l trust my own eyes too? engage in the capacity of the world. Yes, I do. But would I buy an expensive diamond online? For me buying a diamond is about the whole experience of seeking out new and different styles of diamonds. It’s all about why am I buying and for what occasion?

It may sound traditional but an expensive diamond is all about loved ones and special occasions. Would you buy your engagement ring online? I certainly would not. Because it’s all about the buying experience. When I decided to get married I chose my wedding ring and it was not a diamond at all.

My husband was there to help me choose. In fact, he did not have a say in it at all. But he was there with me which I loved. These days I am not sure if the guy chooses and surprises their partner?

Jewellery Online - Are You Afraid To Buy A Diamond

Familiar With The Brand

If you know the brand or have the assurance the diamond you are choosing comes with certification then buying online should not be an issue. It really depends on why you need the ring in the first place.

2021, is all about buying online. If you have a relationship with a jeweller then you know you can buy with confidence a diamond.

Buy With Clear Conscience

I watched the movie Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou and was shocked about the diamond trade and how it finances war in certain countries. The diamond industry is working on a certification process called the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Make sure whatever diamond you buy that it is part of this scheme.

Understanding what to look for in a diamond is why you could then opt for buying it online.

Jewellery Online - Are You Afraid To Buy A Diamond

Buy Bespoke

I work with NKB London and Naki and I are always discussing new ring for my large fingers. She knows my size and my taste and also she understands the boundaries when it comes to making a bespoke ring that I am seeking for this year.

I trust she is buying stones that are real and credible. less is more and this year women know the importance of jewellery and why we are seeking something very personal during tough times.

palazzo pitti florence italy

As many boutiques are closed around the globe and even the diamond mines themselves. The demand for clear diamonds will rise and the value thanks Debeers will always keep the diamond industry afloat and exclusive to those that have cash. I am a lover of costume jewellery but there is one thing for certain. I have never thought about diamond rings so much as I have this year.

I am wearing many diamonds and it felt empowering and I felt very special. I love the opulent lifestyle diamonds portray when I am in public.

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Whatever you do. If you are not sure where the diamond is sourced and if it is at all genuine. Don’t buy impulsively online do your online research and buy from a credible diamond source. Antwerp Belgium is a top place to buy online.