Piazza San Marco is one of the most unique and creative squares in the world here in Venice. This elegant Piazza has withstood many hundreds of years of flooding. The Piazza and the lagoon are always raging against humanity and climate change. Many artists of Venice such as Boncompagni Valeria have realised that resolution with the lagoon is an ongoing challenge.

Boncompagni Valeria Piazza San Marco Venice

Before the pandemic, 23 million tourists visited this fragile open-air museum. Venice was never made with this intention. So for me, one of the positive outcomes for Venice is that man was forced in the last 18months. To encounter calm waters and for many months a stillness that was unexpected here in Venice. Welcome to the new renaissance for Venice.

San Marco Square Venice

Historically when a city is going through a new reset or a revolution. It is the artisans that withstand these storms. Ride the waves and sail the currents with their heart, soul and creativity. If you are seeking a piece of your heart to take away from Venice? An authentic Made In Italy experience. Then Boncompagni Valeria in Piazza San Marco will take you on a rare journey, exploring the luxury world of jewellery design.

Venice Guardians By The Sea Ring

Jewellery artisan, Valeria was born in Venice with an Italian heritage of generations before her. Her boutique is in Piazza San Marco. She experienced a once in a lifetime encounter with Piazza San Marco and the lagoon during the lockdown. Her power of perseverance is why during lockdown she was the only boutique left with her light on.

It was her amongst the stillness of Venice, that she decided to create a ring called, Guardians By The Sea.

Sailing The Sea

The ring was also inspired by the 2019 floods. Valeria and Venice shops experienced the biggest floods they have ever seen. Nature has no favour, nor mercy no matter who you are. Then came the biggest storm of all, no tourists. Venice foot traffic had plummeted to zero. Valeria, a woman who designs from passion and heart, is never defeated by this cities lagoon.

The Power Of Perseverance

It was in her darkest moments she really encountered who she was as an individual and an artist. As many months passed by Valeria, using the lost-wax technique to designing jewellery.

Valeria decided to dig deep and create the ring that she felt was her guardian by her sea. In her own words,

Sitting in Piazza San Marco on my own, for months in my boutique, being able to hear no people and peering out at the most stunning architectures formations of the past. Was one in a lifetime experience and many layers of emotions that I can’t explain. 

Venice Guardians Of Our Sea Ring - Boncompagni Valeria

This is her creation table. The Guardians By The Sea Ring is made of copper, silver and the butterfly is 18crt gold.

Venice Guardians Of Our Sea Ring - Boncompagni Valeria

Valeria is a confident woman being surrounded by Piazza San Marco as a design inspiration. She followed her heart and soul and began.

Her designs are capable of evoking emotions by using a Lost-wax technique. As she looks outside on the Piazza San Marco she is able to delve into an imaginary world inspired by, art, architecture, nature and her best friend for life, flooding.

Venice Guardians By The Sea Ring Boncompagni Valeria (3)

What Is Lost Wax?

Lost – wax casting is a millenary technique used by the Greeks, the Romans, the Etruscans, which consist of creating a wax that then is melted leaving the space to cast the metal and reproduce the object.


As the journey continues in these uncertain or unknown waters. It’s artisans like Valeria, who soldier on. And continuously inspire a younger generation to continue to learn and treasure jewellery art.


Santagostino jewellery made here in the heart of Venice. Prices are on application.

Boncompagni Valeria Piazza San Marco Venice

How elegant and modern does this masterpiece look?

Wedding Venetian Rings

The Venetian symbol is found throughout Venice. Inspired by its design these modern alternative wedding rings. These rings are a unique expression to share with your future loved one.

Rose Rings

These roses are an elegant design sharing nature-inspired designs that can be worn on any preferred finger. They feel and look beautiful on the hand.

Freedom To Customize Your Design

Valeria has the absolute freedom to customize your design and create the jewellery of your dreams. Her personalised and dedication to unique designs is a wonderful experience both to the customer and her. She will go through step by step, detail by detail the process to ensure you walk away with a part of her heart, soul, mind with you in Piazza San Marco. If there is a boasting moment when your family, friends and work colleagues ask you where did you get your ring? How enchanting will your response be? I had it custom made for me next to St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace.

This is about enjoying a luxurious atmosphere in one of the most spectacular piazza’s in the world.

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