What is the Riva motor yacht? Why is it featured in so many films?  Why did Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible 7, choose to sail on the speedboat for his action movie here in Venice last year? Why is the Riva, speedboat, is the most stunning boat to watch here in Venice.

This elegant aquamarine thread links numerous auteur films, action movies, romantic films, dramas and comedies.

Riva speedboat Venice made in italy

There is so much Alta Moda boat sailing both in the scenery, fashion and lifestyle on the Riva. Nothing matches the Riva motor yachts, lifestyle and image when it comes to sailing into Venice.

Venice Italy Rooftop Palazzo Mora 2021 (3)

The Riva boat is the most admired motor yacht of every era. The role of magnificent protagonists.

Riva speedboat rialto bridge Venice

Rialto Bridge

Rialto bridge is where you want to be seen on a Riva boat.

Rialto Bridge Venice Riva speedboat 2021

I took these images from the Rialto Bridge and under it too.

Rialto Bridge Venice Riva speedboat 2021

Versace For Riva

Now if there is a fashion brand seeking to trend your soft glamour. Then opt for Versace, to iconic fashion labels here in Venice.

versace venice italy

When sailing in the boat you want soft silk fabrics flowing as elegantly as the speedboat itself.

versace venice italy

You can take it anytime in Venice as a taxi boat. Unlike Aston Martin for James Bond as action vessels and product placements. The Riva speedboat is always about word of mouth from someone who saw it in a movie.

Riva Speedboat Venice Movie

Venice Film Festival The Riva Dock

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido The Dock Venice film festival Gracie Opulanza 2021 (1) dock venice film festival

The famous Venice film festival dock which I am standing on is where many celebrities sail in on a Riva yacht, for photoshoots.

Venice riva film speedboat

Alta Moda Of Speed

This speedboat is haute couture, Alta Moda on water. It was in 1950, that the world discovered this elegant vessel, which was built in Sarnico, Italy. A true masterpiece of Made In Italy.

Riva speedboat Venice

Sailing through the canals of Venice is like driving a Ferrari on the motorway with a Riva, speedboat. the interior craftmanship is like a Rolls Royce interior. All handmade with the highest quality of wood, metal and leather Made In Italy, in the world.

Speedboat Riva venice yacht wood

Filmmakers For Riva

Filmmakers across the world are obsessed with filming this uber-chic speedboat, for scenes featuring sailing, trips on the lakes. Or escapades dashing the canals of Venice. Create your own movie set with a Riva speedboat on the lagoon of Venice.


From a distance, it’s so eye-catching. And as close-ups, it is like feeling the best Rubelli, Made In Italy fabrics in the world. This is me at Hotel Excelsior Lido, famous for the Venice film festival. me on their private shuttle Riva boat, which was made on the island of Murano.

Riva boat Hotel Excelsior Lido

This is a newer replica of the classic 1950,s speedboat.

Riva boat Hotel Excelsior Lido

Riva In The Movie

The Riva features up to fifty films starring several beautiful crafts that made the history of the shipyard. It was created with the legendary Aquarama, which was originally considered a fashionable speedboat.

But now it’s a style icon. Always featured in Hollywoods most glamourous films is the Riva.

Movies It Has Been Featured

The movies range from, Dino Risi’s Il Sorpasso, Godard’s Le Mepris, the musicarelli with Modugno and Albano&Romina, to the many Bond films.

The film by Scorses’s The Wolf of Wall Street and the Great Beauty. Riva has been the backbone role for classic stylish movies.

Holywood venice Riva Speedboat Venice Movie

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Venice

Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible 7, 2022, came into Venice during lockdown last year to film some action with the Riva. It’s all about showcasing Alta Moda innate elegance of a diva. Or a black tuxedo suit. how on earth is the landing with those shoes without breaking another ankle.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Venice Riva Speedboat

What you choose to wear on the Riva boat is equally important as the speedboat itself. You can never over dress on a Riva boat.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 7 Venice Riva speedboat

From black tuxedos to linen suits trend your own style on the Riva here in Venice. Invest in a bespoke suit Made In Italy.

The Fashion

The Riva capture the mood of the film at the time. The fashions and interests of the period. This wooden boat is in all magnificent ephemera provided the setting for the timeless beauty of the most enchanting speedboats in the world.

Riva Speedboat Venice Movie

Story To Tell

As a storyteller, when I am here in Venice. So too this Riva has many unique, stylish iconic moments. That only this boat can claim. Get yourself a Riva moment and sail the runway of Venice. I reviewed the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel In Venice. This was my Riva speedboat Grand Canal view.

Grand Canal Riva Speedboat Venice Movie

Rialto Bridge view, I often see many Riva’s transporting people. The G20Italy is on and so many people are sailing in style with the Riva wooden boat.

Grand Canal Riva Speedboat Venice Movie

Grand Canal from Rialta Bridge. Those Gondola’s are another fashion on the water too, here in Venice.

Grand Canal Rialto Bridge Venice Grand Canal Rialto Bridge Venice

Showcasing Your Lifestyle

You don’t have to spend a lot to embrace the world of luxury that is exclusive to you. You can also take a modern Riva yacht under the Rialto Bridge.

Modern Riva yacht venice grand canal