I am well traveled and have explored the world of day Spas, throughout Europe, Australia and Asia. Today I am going to talk about The Natural Massage & Day Spa in Bali, Kuta. I have been to Bali, Kuta for a few times in the last several years. I am a huge fan of coming here for  a manicure and a pedicure. The amount of Spa places available here is endless, over whelming and fun at the same time. How do you choose the right Spa? What do you need to look out for when going to a Spa in Bali in Kuta?

Personal Recommendations

There are so many tourists here in Kuta, mainly Australians so the first thing you should do is go and ask people who they recommend when getting a manicure and a pedicure. The other number one tip is just ask them to show you their nails. One crucial information you need to know here in Bali. Is that most Spa’s on the street are ladies and guys trained either by the owners or  are self taught when it comes to the Spa profession.  Unless you are in a 5 Star resort don’t expect to get that service let alone highly qualified treatment. In saying that you can find hidden gems like I have. I spotted this Spa in 2015 and just had a good feeling about it. I asked the owner,  if I could see how their staff worked and what the treatments looked like in working progress.

The Natural Spa Bali 2016 Gracie Opulanza Kuta (8)

Pedicure & Manicure Polish Gel

I always opt for a gel manicure and a pedicure at the same time. Due to my work load here, I normally stay in Bali for four weeks. So I like to have my nails looking good as long as I can. With a gel treatment at this particular Spa. I find my nails look amazing even after many hours of swimming. On average my toe nails can last up to three weeks and as for my nails they still look great after two weeks.  In this Spa when I ask for a manicure and a pedicure,  I have two people working on me. The attention to detail is amazing and the best preparation before the nail vanish is applied. Two people spend an hour preparing my feet and hands before they do the final  nail vanish application. They give me a  hand massage along with it which is really relaxing. They scrub my hands and feet and I am amazed at all the dead skin that falls off. The end result is just divine. This is the best manicure and pedicure preparation I have ever had.

The Natural Spa Bali 2016 Gracie Opulanza Kuta (6)The Natural Spa Bali 2016 Gracie Opulanza Kuta (3)

The Natural Massage & Day Spa

In Kuta you have to understand the average price a staff member gets within this industry is about £3000 per year. In most cases the staff have not been officially  trained. In regards to the state of the Spa and how it looks, in most cases it is very clean but the interior design is nothing special. But the prices reflect this and it is a bargain considering what you get in first world countries.

O.P.I & Shellac – Fake Vanish

There is one very important factor you should know regarding the nail vanish,  that is very common in Bali. The is the nail vanish bottle used are O.P.I. and Shellac are in most cases they are knock offs. I only learnt this two days ago. If I think about it more and more, it makes sense if you consider the price you are paying for the treatment. My top tip is , If this bothers you, then just bring your own vanish from abroad and ask them to use it.

How can you spot a fake nail vanish? An expert told me, the way you can tell that the vanish is fake is simple. During the application if the nail vanish is really thick and there is no shine to your vanish, then in most cases it is a fake. If they have to apply more than two coats then this is also another sign it is fake. I always wondered why they put so many layers.

Can you tell the difference after it’s all done? Yes you can, the vanish you see on my nails below is the real O.P.I. confirmed by an expert not in relation to this review.

The Natural Spa Bali 2016 Gracie Opulanza Kuta (4)The Natural Spa Bali 2016 Gracie Opulanza Kuta (7) The Natural Spa Bali 2016 Gracie Opulanza Kuta (5)


At this particular Spa, the amount of colours to choose by here is not a lot but you can bring in your own if you choose. The staff are excellent and very polite. During the treatment they are always asking their boss to check their work. They also asked me if I are liked the work. It is really humbling to watch them at work, especially cleaning your grotty feet. Guys this place is excellent for sorting out those winter feet.

I highly recommend this Spa and have been going here for the last two seasons when in Bali Kuta. I have tried other Spa places here in Bali and when it comes to a manicure and a pedicure preparation service. I give this place ten out of ten.  The treatment is excellent and consistent every time I go.

I also have taken family and friends and they love it too.

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