Over the last three years, building my brands has been a roller coaster of emotions. Success comes at a price is what I historically see over and over. I too got caught up in the ambition side of things. At times l was so stressed mentally and physically that l began to realise that l had only one body and mind.

If l didn’t take time ou,t then l would be eventually burnt out. This year l had a skiing accident and was forced to literally sit still for a month.  At the time, this was a nightmare for me, but it was a blessing because in business, strategies are crucial and l realised how impactful l have become in promoting menswear. I decided to reconnect with South East Asia as it has been four years since I have been out here and MenStyleFashion didn’t even exist at that time.

Now with my feet on the ground, three days into the Asia tour, l broke my hand. Yes, once again, l was forced to sit still, in fact it is my writing hand. OMG I was in meltdown and I cried and cried. How was l going to continue to build my brand?


So for the first time in three years, l could not write, once again it was a message for more time out. Yet again it was a blessing in disguise. What better place to retreat than in South East Asia.


I’m a huge fan of Asian food and Kuala Lumpur is one of the best cities to sample all types of Asian food. I sampled this at Jalan Alor, the food street of KL and the many food courts at the shopping centres. I am an absolute sucker for tofu and to be able to see dedicated food stalls specialising in this food is amazing.

Right now I am in Bali and I love the tempeh which is fried bean curd and Gado Gado, a vegetable salad covered with peanut sauce. This goes down well n with a fresh juice like avocado, watermelon or papaya. I am literally in food heaven here. The presentation of the food from eating at low end to 5 star is truly outstanding.


Whilst out in South East Asia, I have been reviewing spas, restaurants and hotels. Although I can’t write, I can still enjoy and dictate my stories. You can read my reviews here that I have done for MenStyleFashion.


I’m a huge fan of manicure, pedicures, massages, body scrubs, facials, hair masks and Spas. Pampering yourself is important as it does help you in getting relaxed and it allows you to reflect on your past and your future. I have had some ups and downs regarding treatments. It’s a real hit and miss but don’t be discouraged, just keep trying. Read my Spa by l’Occitane review and be inspired.


I’ve been a Christian from an early age. I talk to God all the time and he is my sanity and the only one that can handle me. God always knows how l think and how l listen. This trip is refocusing my perspective regarding family, friends and business, yes in that order.

Balancing life and business is why so many of us end up miserable, stressed and arrogant. There is one thing the Asians do so well, they work hard and they have fabulous manners. It’s refreshing to see and one that a lot of people can learn from. I’ve realized how harsh and rude people in the fashion industry are and l do not want to become like that. There is no need to behave and bully people in the world of fashion. Manners and being polite will get you places.

The shots below are mine and what l deem as eat pray and spa your life away. Success comes at a price is a phrase l don’t believe in. Don’t kill yourself in the name of ambition. Just find the balance; you can be more effective by taking time out. I’m typing this article with my left hand on my phone, I am right handed. Push through obstacles and don’t let anyone or anything stop you building your dream. It’s called discipline and it has its rewards.