Over the years I have treated my mind, body and soul very well, when it comes to spa and wellness treatments.  As a CEO for many years now, I get stressed. I hold my tension in my upper body and therefore, if I don’t take the time to deal with this. Then I end up very sore, tense and some what display unnecessary aggression. The last year I decided to branch out into lifestyle reviews, you can read them on MenStyleFashion.



Komenaka Samara Ubud Bali

Elemis Day Spa London

Elemis Day Spa London

I have just returned from Bali, which is renowned for excellent Spa & Wellness treatments. The options are endless and it all depends on your budget. The movie Eat, Pray Love, certainly sold the idea about reconnecting with yourself and to take the time to soul search you life. But I encourage you that no matter where you’re living. You should do this on a regular basis’s. So how do you choose your perfect treatment? What are the basic factors you need to look out for? How can you get the best value for money?


Komenaka Samara Ubud

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For me an excellent way you can tell if the Spa & Wellness center, is of a high standard is by the state of the reception area. It should look good, it should smell amazing and the staff themselves should look fresh, healthy. The staff should be calm, make you feel welcome give you their signature tea. And from the onset, get you prepared for your treatment by calming you down. By giving you water and  asking you to take a seat.  I am normally there for a reason, to slow me down. A good receptionist, is trained to spot your mood and in a subtle way and  get you prepared for your treatment.


Como Metropolitan Hotel Mayfair London

Elemis Day Spa London

Elemis Day Spa London


Kayumanis Bali


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This is a huge obvious selling point. In most cases the center has created their own signature oils. If this is not the case, they normally work with a company that understands the power of massage oils. You should be able to smell that Spa & Wellness even before you walk in the door. I find this in Asia as a great signal of  cleanliness and a good indication, that this spa takes itself seriously. But in Europe, I find you need to open the door to get a those aroma oils enticing you to take the time to pamper yourself. You can also judge it by the way it looks like from the outside. In choosing your oil, it comes down to you. They way you can know is your body will tell you which smell it wants.


Kayumanis Bali Jimbaran Private Resorts


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How To Choose Your Treatment

A good therapists will recognize instantly what you need. There is a form you have to feel out so be brutally honest. This is how they can identify your problems. I am an expert now on what I need, so depending on the day. I explain to them what I am here for. My time is precious and there is nothing worse walking out there disappointed. If you’re  regular, try something new.

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The Treatment Room

Nothing worse paying a lot of cash and then to walk into a dated treatment room. I find if you’re booking on line it can be far from what was shown on-line, compared too walking in to that treatment room. It is important when you are walking in these treatment rooms that they look clean. No mess and the paint work within the rooms look in pristine condition. So if this happens, it may seem awkward but if it does not feel right. Then just be frank and explain how you feel. I find they normally upgrade your treatment room. But if they  don’t and you are even more tense, then just walk away from it.



Kayumanis Bali

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The Location

If you have options, this can make all the difference. Make sure that the Spa & Wellness center is dead quiet. Nothing worse hearing the sound of builders whilst trying to relax. If you do hear it, then don’t be afraid to ask for other options. The way it is presented is important, the lighting should be dark. The linen used should smell and look clean. If the treatment room gives you a feeling that this is not your place. Go with your gut instinct and walk away from it. Your body does tell you what you need. Don’t be afraid to leave a bad review too, be fair and give your reasons why.  How else are others going to know about it.



Komenaka Samara Ubud



Avoid Illness

Life is stressing, life is short and I am amazed, how many women don’t pamper themselves more. If budget is tight, then forgo on clothing and even creams and take the time to heal your body. The state of your body is an indication of the state of your mind. Yes treatments can be that powerful. They can reconnect you with what your mind needs. I am confident that depression can be avoided, and healed if women take the time to identify the core health issue here. For me the main problem for women of today is. The pressure they put on themselves, to achieve as a mother, as a wife, as a partner as a business women. It is too late, on your death bed to take care of yourself. Health issues can be avoided if you take the time to listen to your body. You can’t afford not too.


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