Living in Tuscany Italy is like living in paradise. This picturesque oasis is very popular amongst Germans, Swiss and Americans who flock year after year to buy, holiday and live. As a social media influencer, I want to highlight why Tuscany are a perfect marketing tool to get your brands noticed.


Tucked away on a gorgeous hill with maple of history is Siena, famous for former banks and horse riding events, Palio Di Siena. There are many towers to climb and photo’s to be had capturing the way of Italian life. One of my favourite places I stayed was Palazzo Ravizza

You can get fabulous social media videos and images from here.

Vegan handpainted bag Tuscany 2021


If you are looking for art culture and great shopping Florence is your city. Look at the backdrop as I stayed at The Westin Excelsior Florence. The views are the perfect tik tok location to get your brand message across.

Gracie Opulanza The Westin Excelsior Florence Sustainable Fashion (2)

One of many shoes I own. one of many I have given away too

The famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence has so many locations to get images taken.

Uganda East Africa In Florence italy

Regarding museums, Ufizzi Gallery is a perfect indoor place to market your dress. Look how clever the synergies here with my kaftan dress are made in Rome. The views on your Instagram are endless, combing art with fashion. Italy is all about lifestyle after all.

Masks Florence Italy - Uffizi Gallery Inspired Collection Angela Facchini Etsy (2) Gracie Opulanza kaftan 2021


Tucked away with a wall of 7km Lucca is famous for it’s music, film festivals and comics. The city has many cafes and bars to get images taken. I loved the view from the hotel called, Grand Universe Lucca which has amazing views of the many towers here in Lucca that you can climb.

Elastic - Upcycled Garments To Inspire Your Next DIY Project Elastic - Upcycled Garments To Inspire Your Next DIY Project

On this occasion, I was marketing bespoke knitwear.

Tuscany Hills

Driving outside the cities and heading to the Tuscan hills are endless amounts of locations to scout for your social media platforms. Take the time and make sure you share your brand message.

Fiat Balilla Gracie Opulanza Tuscany Italy classic car (9) Tuscany

Look at the views from historical villa locations all around Tuscany. You can’t imagine the endless picturesque opportunities to take when promoting lifestyle. Driving through Tuscany is spectacular and plenty of social media images to be had.

Tuscany Villa Real Estate

Nature Images

With the push back of now not only depending on Vogue for photo shooting a fashion message. It is important to do location scouting. Grasping the very essence of what your tik tok message is all about. So choose the setting, as I did below using bail of hay. The magical blue skies here in Italy is always amazing.

Tuscany Siena Hills 2022 italy (1)

The below image is one of the most famous wheat landscape areas used by many tourists driving through Tuscany.

Tuscany Siena Hills 2022 italy (1) Tuscany Siena Italy Gracie Opualnza Tik Tok (3)

The famous cypress trees are adorable in Tuscany and match that rustic villa image many people come to experience here in Italy. I chose to wear a vintage silk jacket. Bespoke handcrafted wooden bags and leather boots are all made in Italy.

Don’t forget to take food and outdoor living shots to capture the very essence of where the clothes can be worn. One can never overdress in Italy. The hedges of scent in Italy are why fragrances are often made here, especially for luxury brands like Gucci.

jasmin-tuscany-gracie opulanza Tuscany Lucca Italy

You don’t have to wait for heaven for that La Dolce Vita lifestyle. Italy is famous for food, fashion and historical buildings. All you have to do is make sure you tweet and Facebook your normal way of life in the Tuscan region.