You are only as good as you think you are in the world of creative arts. When you have been invited to a fashion week for men. Knowing you are up against super Model David Gandy, let alone Tinie Tempah. This is the time to make sure my client appeared like she was commanding the runway. I never expected the celebrity attention and affirmation Gracie received during her few days interviewing powerful men within the fashion, music and Hollywood industry.

Never underestimate the power of what a makeup artist can do to get you noticed in the celebrity industry.

David Gandy Gracie Opulanza for MenStyleFashion

Research Your Client’s Job Needs

Your client is representing your work in action. So make sure you know who you are styling. Do you have social media background checks on them?

My two favourite things about Gracie: First she will allow you to try almost anything. I have great creative freedom. Many clients won’t allow this to happen, as a make-up artist you have to steer the rudder for your clients.

Second is her ability to keep me on my toes. I worked on an experimental hairpiece that I thought I ‘might’ use. Gracie informs me that her first interview of the day will be with a celebrity hair and make-up artist, and my hands begin to fumble! But this was training for what was to come next. In the world of fashion weeks, invites change all the time. Be ready for plenty of creative make-up stock and accessories for unexpected celebrity invites.

Diamonds And Peacock Eyelashes With Feathers

In the fashion world bullying is very common and somewhat encouraged. My job is to make sure  Gracie has the tools to look the part of the Hollywood pack. We knew that to build her brand we needed the male peacocks to understand who they were dealing with. Over 250,000 pounds of diamonds were worn by Gracie.

Her hair, make-up and eyelashes had to match her Hollywood star entrance into the celebrity world. Gracie told me that night, she was the best-dressed woman there out of 500 celebrity guests. When celebrities go out of their way to introduce themselves to you, it comes down to first impressions and why they count.

This was confirmed when the King Speech actor, Colin Firth came up to Gracie and shook her hand. Later that evening, Formula 1 world champion racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, kept asking Gracie about the mechanism of how she can see through her bespoke feather eyelashes.

Lewis Hamiton was captivated.

diamond necklace

Gracie wanted to make sure, the men knew who she was. The female behind her brand is called, MenStyleFashion.

She explained that Samuel L Jackson the host of the event, made more than one effort through the night to make sure she was well looked after. Gracie explained to me, that would not have ever happened if it was not down to my make-up skills and creativity. Gracie is a businesswoman and led the way as an influencer to get her men’s magazine noticed. Social media way back in 2014, was very underdeveloped.

Prada's Minimal Baroque Sunglasses Samuel L Jackson 2014 One For the boys charity

Not many people got asked by Samuel to get a photo taken. Her make-up and eyelashes were what caught his attention. Invest in a talented makeup artist and the results are endless.

London Fashion Week

I’m up against one of the most talented celebrity hairstylists out there on the runway of makeup artists that are paid to create trends for the next season. I wanted to create the movement for Gracie who never follows catwalks let alone buys within a season. She is cut from a different cloth.

This was my moment to express my talents to my client.


Understand Your Customers Needs

There is a distinctive calmer, more relaxed air about how Gracie’s outfit is laid on the bed. Chunky jewellery, flowery stockings, a lime tie and her favourite the peacock feather eyelashes.

I decided as a make-up artist to make sure these celebrities were intimidated by her unapologetic confidence.

Gracie is a fast, energetic and very animated personality. This means every part of her makeup had to stick for a long and enduring day of hours of meeting new business opportunities.

Gracie was pioneering her way into the fashion world for her luxury magazine called MenStyleFashion. Gracie was known at London Fashion Week for men as one of the most powerful journalists to captivate men in their natural environment. Men’s fashion weeks are so much more relaxed.

Tinie Tempah

The job was done, people were always talking about her interviews and eyelashes for many years to come.

Who Is Gracie?

The peacock feather eyelashes Gracie opulanza

The peacock feather eyelashes – at Gracie’s request!

Gracie Opulanza - London Collections Men Peacock Eyelashes

Hair Big, Bold and Attention Seeking

I sweep Gracie’s hair into an immaculate high, smooth beehive and spray with Redken ‘Pureforce 20’ to fix it. With her Italian personality, everything must be held together. She is a force of nature, in David Gaandy’s words to me.

I secured the long hairpiece which I had braided into a beautiful rope knot around the front of the beehive and joined it together in a braid down the back to her nape. Today, there was a green goldfish to attach to the front of Gracie’s hairstyle. I had sewn the fish to a hairpiece which helped immensely when fixing it into place. I chose the fish as a message that Gracie is not a conformist in the world of fashion.

When we tweeted this, the followers went crazy. The headpiece was a hit combined with the peacock feather eyelashes.

Gracie opulanza in the wild with Peacock Feather Eyelashes

Gracie’s Make-Up Keep It Simple

Gracie has excellent olive skin. I don’t need to pack on the make-up she is heading to many presentations and runways.

Chiselled brows, defined eyes, peachy cheeks and punchy M.A.C ‘Morange’ lips to boot topped off with the peacock lashes which it seemed, had stolen the show and replaced her signature glasses for this show at least. These eyelashes were loved by Samuel l Jackson.


I thoroughly enjoyed styling Gracie Opulanza and working as part of her amazing team. Upon my return home, I came across this quote:

“Glamour is an attitude – it’s the expression of a certain kind of confidence” – Ralph Lauren may have quoted it but Gracie Opulanza walks it!

My Favourite products used on Gracie

  • Dermalogica – Ultra Calming Cleanser
  • Dermalogica – Active Moist
  • Dermalogica – Ultra Calming Mist
  • MALIN+GOETZ – Vitamin e moisturizer
  • M.A.C Prep+Prime Moisture Infusion
  • M.A.C Oil Control Lotion
  • M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip
  • M.A.C Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
  • Soap & Glory – Thick & Fast Mascara – Film Noir
  • Soap&Glory – Smoulder Kohl – Waterproof Eyeliner
  • L’oreal – Lumi Magique – 1
  • Too Faced – Natural Eye

The below images were taken of Gracie outside a fashion show. She certainly grabbed the attention of so many artists. The trend had been set.