I have been staying in Tuscany on and off since 2019. It has so much to offer, such as fashion, food, arts and beauty. Tuscany is a perfect off-season destination. Not for winter sun, clearly though balmy days are possible for its choice of indoor and outdoor options and the chance to see some of Europe’s otherwise busiest cultural attractions at their quietest. I have lived in Tuscany, Italy near Lucca during the winter and it is stunning. I stayed in a huge villa.

Swan lake Tuscany Villa for sale

This is a Villa just outside of Lucca, you can rent it any time of the year.

What To See In Florence

Florence is the key destination, a city that is hot and crowded with queues for pretty much everything in high season. In January, by contrast, you can walk straight into the great churches of Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella and probably only wait a few minutes, if that, to see Michelangelo’s David and the major galleries of the Uffizi, Bargello and Palazzo Pitti. No masks are needed now. It was dead quiet to see Michelangelo’s statue. Outside of Arezzo, I also went and visited his birth home.

Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze face mask florence 2020 Italy (1)

Below is Palazzo Pitti, it is truly a work of art.


Among museums and galleries offering winter discounts are some of the region’s best: in Florence, they include the Uffizi, Italy’s finest art gallery, where tickets from November to February cost £10.50 as opposed to £17.50 the rest of the year and the Palazzo Pitti – which has an almost equally dazzling art collection – where prices drop from £14 to £8.75 for the same direction.
In Florence, the Firenze Winter Park, a “winter wonderland” on the banks of the Arno, is a popular family outing for its food, skating and other activities.

Pisa’s Palazzo Blu has the region’s major art exhibition, devoted to the macchiaioli (macchiaiolipisa.it; until Feb 26), a group of impressionist-like Italian painters; with Henry Moore in Florence (museonovecento.it; to March 31) the main show in that particular city.

Below is one of the famous artworks in Ufizzi. Masks are no longer needed.

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Uffizi Gallery Florence Italy Gracie Opulanza 2020

You can climb the tower next to the Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella. Well worth it.

Giotto's Campanile Florence Italy 2020 Covid 19 MenStyleFashion (7)

Average Florence temperatures in January are 2C-10C and average winter rainfall is a touch more than that of London: around three inches. Uffizi is stunning and if you have the time go more than once. You can buy a family ticket for a year for only 100 euros. I went here every day for 28 days, I can’t ever learn there is so much to take in.

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Ponte Vecchio is the famous bridge that leads you to Palazzo Pitti. You can buy a ticket at the Uffizi too. If you have time plenty of shops to explore.
One must buy a leather jacket at Benheart Italy which is in Florence and Lucca.
denim shorts gracie opulanza twinset Benheart Italy

Siena, Pisa, Lucca Arezzo

The same goes for Tuscany’s other peerless cities of art, notably Siena, Pisa, Lucca and Arezzo, where quieter streets and attractions are matched by restaurants that may have cleared their outdoor tables but will have fires lit inside and menus filled with porcini, warming soups and other seasonal specialities.

Beyond the towns and cities, the beauty of Tuscany’s countryside is undiminished by winter’s chill. It may be damper and mistier, certainly, but that is all to the good if you are settled into a cosy rural hideaway in Chianti or elsewhere, with the options of walks, cooking classes, truffle hunts, wine tasting and more in glorious setting.



Lucca has a 7km wall you can walk around. Lucca has many shops and cafe culture. The winter is very quiet and the perfect time to explore the churches and food culture.
Lucca Tuscany antique market
Every third week is the amazing antique market. I bought Gucci, Miu Miu, Roberta Di Camerino and Cartier gems here.
Lucca Tuscany Mustard
The above is a wonderful palazzo in Lucca, one of many. The amazing amphitheatre is a wonderful place to eat and soak up the Italian culture.
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Pisa Is A Must

Pisa that leaning tower of Pisa is a must-climb and see. Soak it all up and have breakfast right in front of it.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa - What To Wear On Historical Travel Destinations (4) coffee Leaning Tower Of Pisa - What To Wear On Historical Travel Destinations

Siena Is The Famous Hills

Siena and its surroundings like Arezzo are just divine. If magical rolling hills and Cyprus trees are what you are seeking then rent a Ferrari Roma and go explore in style.

Tuscany Siena Hills 2022 italy (1) Siena


If you want to understand the rich culture of Italy. Then Tuscany is a brilliant introduction to what I deem the most amazing culture in the world for fashion, food, and arts.