For many big-headed shoppers, finding a pair of sunglasses that will not only look right but also feel right and fit right, is a massive undertaking. Hours can be spent trawling through endless shops and retailers, trying on never-ending pairs of sunglasses that feel uncomfortable and look ridiculous. For those who have wide face shapes, it can feel like an impossible challenge to source a pair of sunglasses that will protect their eyes while also protecting their fashion sense. Many manufacturers fail to accommodate customers that need larger than-average sunglasses, leaving people defenceless against the bright sun rays that blind them as they go about their day-to-day activities.

However, there is hope for those with big heads! One man had a big idea…

A Big Idea for Big Heads

Ben Saperia grew up in the North of England, where sunglasses are hardly ever needed. However, upon moving to Florida in 2007, he realised that sunglasses were no longer a luxury commodity but a necessary essential. He started his own eyewear company, Faded Days Sunglasses, in 2012 and went on to see the need for sunglasses for those blessed with big faces and large heads. He went on to extend his customer base by providing glasses designed for those with big faces and big heads. The range is growing in versatility and practicality as the product line includes the ability to have wide glasses with prescription lenses with UV400 polarisation. With a straightforward online ordering system and customisation capabilities, this brand is expected to grow from strength to strength. But is the hype really worth it?

The Value in the Right Fit

Sunglasses are more than just a luxury accessory. Driving, walking, hiking, and exercising can all become more dangerous if the participant is blinded by sunlight and not protecting their eyesight with the wearing of sunglasses. Furthermore, misfitting sunglasses can prove to be even more hazardous. Besides the inconvenience of not being able to find sunglasses that fit comfortably, sunglasses that don’t fit well become a further hazard. They can fall off the face, causing them to be even more distracting and hazardous. When it comes to trying on a pair of sunglasses to assess the fit, it’s not as easy as looking for your clothing size in a store. A lot of it will come from trial and error, and as such there are a few tips to bear in mind when trying on new sunglasses.

Tips to Find Sunglasses that Fit

  • Sunglasses frames should fit on your ears and nose. The fit should be snug but not pinching or rubbing the skin.
  • The weight of the specs should be equally balanced between the nose and ears. The weight should be heavy enough to be stable, but not so heavy that it causes friction on the contact points.
  • Eyelashes should not be touching or brushing against the lenses or frames.
  • If the chosen sunglasses are metal or wire core, they should be adjustable with the ability to bend the frame at the temples and/or the bridge. This flexibility means that wearers can adapt the fit to suit the unique peculiarities of their faces.
  • Some sunglasses will allow the wearer to pinch the nosepieces to bring them closer together or move them further apart to adjust the fit.

More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

 Sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories, although their contribution to an outfit is undeniable as trends are continuing to grow and emerge in the fashion world all the time. They are also practical additions to people of all kinds with all kinds of lifestyles, to protect their eyes and help them to function in bright light.