If you are a Meghan and Harry Netflix fan and want to know what to wear when feeding your chickens. Let alone unpacking your Christmas gifts.  Meghan Markle has set the real stay-home pyjama trends. Imagine seeing Kate Middleton strolling around in her pyjamas running around at Windsor castle. I think not.

The idea of ‘hostess pyjamas’, worn for anything but sleeping, has been around since the 1920s when wearing fluid silk pants epitomised the liberated spirit of the era. In the 1960s Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel in The Avengers wore a slinky psychedelic-print set for a Bridge party.

With the blurring of boundaries between work and leisure, it should come as no surprise that elevated pyjama dressing should appeal for party season this year. The question is, can fancy pyjama dressing really pass muster at all the social occasions upcoming on my calendar?

Meghan feeds the chickens at her Montecito home wearing chic-but-soft pyjamas (£141), with baby Lilibet in her body carrier as she talks about allowing people to see “our world”. She speaks tearfully to her phone camera, fresh out of the shower with her hair wrapped in a towel, wearing a loosely buttoned shirt designed by one of her friends,  (£209).

None of us knows how this Netflix series ends. But if you are as curious as I am. Well sit down and watch it wearing a luxury nightwear pair of pyjamas.

You won’t see me dead feeding the chooks in my Emma Black Panther silk pyjamas.

This silk, numbers are resplendent with black panther prints teamed well with my frilly-trimmed white jumper, Just think more Katherine Hepburn

Gracie Opulanza Emma Black Panther silk trousers Secret of 3 London (4) Emma Panther daywear

How To Wear Your Pyjamas In A Mutilwear Setting

The former Duchess holds her nude makeup face in her hands. She must be getting paid to advertise that makeup. Another product placement is the scrunchy in her hair, trending a cobbled-together outfit, an oversize sweater over her luxury pyjamas. Can we all relate to this on a Christmas morning opening up the presents? Meghan is all about being seen as a real middle-class person struggling to pay her gas and electricity bills. That is why she is lounging around in a perfect white orchid 1200-pound Hermes blanket and other 200-pound pyjamas.

What are her luxury pyjamas illustrating in the world of marketing fashion? She is all about self-branding, self-promotion and self-pity. Her world of luxury struggles is just clearly fake news on all levels. Netflix is laughing all the way to bank.

But I admire her loungewear attire as we can all relate to that.  Says me driving in a Ferrari Roma. in my Secret Of 3 London loungewear. It’s a lifestyle car after all.

Gracie Opulanza Emma Black Panther silk trousers Secret of 3 London (4) Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma Panther print Secret of 3 London (2)

Hollywood actresses Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes wore fancy designs to the Oscars this year, by Olivia von Halle and La Ligne. Singer and actor Harry Styles donned Gucci polka dot versions in his video for Late Night Talking, while Gwyneth Paltrow recently threw a grown-up girls’ pyjama party in The Hamptons, where she sported buttercup yellow ‘day’ pyjamas. Net-A-Porter’s marketing director identifies the luxury sleepwear brands as

“that can take you from the sofa to the festive party”.  HIgh end pyjamas are increasingly sought after. 

How To Lounge In Style For Christmas Morning

I am a mum of two and I know my children will be up at the crack of dawn opening the gifts. So just for an hour, I will wear my Secret Of 3 London, silk panther nightwear. This is what I adore about the brand as I also can dash out into my supercar,  Ferrari Roma to gather my Christmas pudding I forgot to take out of the Ferrari. Just like Megahn, in fact, I set the trend first last month by teaming my luxury pyjamas with an Oxford wool blazer and my snow feather jumper.

Gracie Opulanza Emma Black Panther silk trousers Secret of 3 London (4)

Christmas Tree

Irish Fine Linen

I am in Thailand where the humid heat is unrealenting, a bit like Meghan’s self-pity documentaries. So the best linen to wear in tropical weather is a Bohem Fine Stripe Irish linen. It is comfortable to wear on its own or if I have to really go and play with the chickens. I will team it with my denim shorts and Salvatore Ferragamo leather belt. I grew up in rural Australia on a farm, damn why didn’t I trend this way back in the 1980s?


Now if you are going to feed the fish let alone walk through luxury resorts in Vietnam. Then opt for the stunning cotton Plaja under the sea pyjamas. Very thick quality, so easy to wear both day and night. Wonderful to stroll the beaches of Asia. For those ladies looking for tummy comfort during menopause this outfit is so comfortable and a mood changer. I wear this all the time around my resort here in Thailand. When the world of luxury just gets all too much eating coconuts and Thai food. I walk outside and I feed my kids, not the chickens.

Under the sea Plaja cotton secret of 3 London (2) Under the sea Plaja cotton secret of 3 London (2)

Sharing Is Caring

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for Christmas. One that will make any girl or lady happy. Secret Of 3 London is pure luxury and well-designed multi-wear. Don’t forget to put your chicken feed under the festive tree.

Believe me, I’m going to be wearing this look until New Year. Comfort, dear readers, it’s the new black.

Christmas Tree