No matter how much you may see yourself as an “allrounder,” we each have a superpower strength – one way in which we contribute the most, and experience the most joy.
One of our most shared human regrets is that we did not live true to our superpower.  
I review supercars and luxury cars. It is my passion to do so also marketing and promoting niche fashion, vintage clothing and Five-star hotels around the globe. What are your top five cars you would like to drive? How do you make that happen, through your superpower?
We feel better about ourselves and more excited by life, when we do whatever it is we love and do best.

Ferrari Roma Gracie Opulanza White pearl Bentley Continental GTC Speed Gracie Opulanza Benheart Italy (2) - Copy

What  Are Your Strengths?

Are you a storyteller, a salesperson, an organiser, a teacher, or a guide? I tell stories by taking you on my journey of what I define as luxury. I create new and innovative experiences so you can be part of my storytelling. So when I am reviewing the fastest convertible in the world. I create social media stories for when driving the Bentley Continental GTC Speed soft top.

Are You A Manifester

Are you a Manifester, who loves manifesting tangible outcomes from dreams and ideas? Before I start my business development I find out what cars I want to work with. I manifest the car brand. For example, months before I talk about the supercar brand, Ferrari. Last month I drove around in a lifestyle car, called Ferrari Roma. I then decide who I want to work with as a fashionable and start speaking out aloud about the brand I want to work with. On this occasion, it was Benheart, Italy. I have a passion for everything MadeInItaly and have spoken and lived this manifestation most of my life. When I wear leather jackets they empower me to get the job done and bring ideas to the table when I am driving.

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma (3) Gracie Opulanza Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible (9)

When you are manifesting your chosen desire, be very specific and then thank God he will provide it for you. Some of my manifestations have not come to pass yet and it’s been years now in the waiting. I am all for timing, all good things come to those who wait.

Bougainvillea color is one of the rarest Hermes colors

Luxury Hotels

When I see a hotel I want to experience I manifest it by saying the hotel aloud. I then wait and in time it will come. One of my favourite hotels I wanted to review came to pass last month, Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin.

Berlin Germany MenStyleFashion 2022 (3)

Berlin Germany MenStyleFashion 2022 (3)

Empowering Others To Pursue Their Passions

Are you an Empowerer, able to give others what they want and need? There is a mistaken belief, held by many, that it’s not enough to be brilliant in one specialist area; it’s not enough to have one superpower strength.

I encourage other women to get behind the fastest cars in the world. To not be afraid and just have a go. What this does is allows women to believe they can achieve other goals. At fifty many women have been conditioned that they are getting too old to pursue their passions. This is a lie from the pit of hell itself. Lifestyle living for women at fifty has changed compared to the women of the past like my immigrant mother who had to work hard to bring food to the table. So when I drove the Aston Martin, Vantage Roadster I took many women on a 007 journey.

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Why Do We Not Believe In Selfmade Superpower Journeys

Raised by an education system designed to create servants of the Empire, most of us were taught that we have to be able to perform a significant number of roles. You don’t have to be good at everything. It’s perfect to be good at only one thing️. This is certainly not worked for me over the years. As I am a digital nomad and have travelled the world. Through my travel experiences, I have discovered my multi-talents as a luxury lifestyle journalist. I experienced amazing fashion, food and hotel stays I could never imagine possible through the magazine I created in 2012 called
Uterque playsuit
The journey of working with brands that I only could dream of as a child is all through the prayer of manifestation. Not many women drive a Rolls Royce as they are far too intimidating to drive for most ladies.

Speak Your Future

Did lockdown not teach us how fragile life can be? Did it not show us that life is short and therefore it must be lived to the maximum? I am fifty and time is not on my side anymore. My youth has gone but my superpower has developed for me to live the next stage of my life with passion.

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