I have had an interesting few months regarding illness, covid and parenting. I live in a massive estate in a very big villa. After twenty years of marriage, I decided for the sake of my sanity, wellness and remaining calm. To have my own sleeping room. Does the sleeping part make you feel guilty? Will it end in divorce? For the first time in five years, I had the option of sleeping and creating my own wellness paradise.

Sleeping Wellness Essential

I like open space and sleeping with the windows open with natural light peering in. I like to place as many roses in my room. It ends up looking like a boutique store ready to sell flowers. I like to burn candles and essential oils to keep me calm and at peace. My husband hates all this. So when I moved into my villa 9mths ago, I did not even ask him. As there were five other rooms with five bathrooms to choose from. I told him to choose his room from here on end this is my den. My protection room from kids and him. It’s only allowed to come in for sex. Let’s face it after 20years of marriage sex is there. Plus my bedroom is now thanks to me very romantic and it is my space. Foreplay needs to happen at any stage of marriage. So with all my female touches in place, it’s a nice sex room.

Seasonal Sheets

Choose your bed linen with your seasons and or your mood. For me, it’s summer so I am opting for all white.

white bedroom

Get Off My Bed

Bedroom wellness is where on average I spend eight hours a day. Invest in good linen and a mattress. I lost my cool, the day I walked in and my husband and kids were on my dry cleaning sheets. I made it very clear not to even go on my bed or in my room. This is my creative space, this is where the money gets made and this is my time out. My bedroom is many steps away from going insane. I chill and laugh in my bedroom.

bedroom wellness

Ladies Pamper Yourself

Don’t feel guilty or even make your husband feel guilty creating your own sleeping space. My husband hated it and still feels it’s an insult to our marriage. I don’t care, I said. Suc it up. After twenty years this is all about my sanity. Be ruthless towards him and your kids. Pamper yourself this is a tough life. lockdown, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning and not be able to go out when I need to. No museums open, the shops are all fast fashion many have closed. Restaurant choices are minimal. Life is damn boring. So I had to recreate my own wellness.

I like to explore Italian villas and the gardens as distress.


Create Your Own Wellness

Whatever tickets your box and makes you happy. The pursuit of happiness is my goal. So for me separate room, flowers, roses, essential oils. Displaying my jewellery on my powder room desk. Buying scented candles and displaying the wool items I created myself.  Getting my sheets dry cleaned and beautiful bed linen. My bedroom is like a display room of wellness. But most importantly it’s me. It is my place when I shut that door. I am me and I am happy and I pamper myself.

pink rose

Self Employed

I earn my own cash, I have no furlough. Since I pampered myself I have grown my blog 7005. my writing has gone through the roof. I love to write, which normally was a forced habit. My creative ideas are bang on. My trend predictions are very spooky. I write about a trend two weeks later I see it in main news. My money is hard work. my wellness is why from here on end. Whenever I can and when I move as I live a nomadic lifestyle. There has to be a separate room for me. No matter what the cost. What is the secret to living to 94?

My choices of lifestyle at 50 is going to help me live a long and happy life. No matter what comes my way.

Gracie Opulanza Flowers Tuscany

Rose Bath

Whatever flowers are in season after they have used their used date. I end up having a rose bath. A great way to pamper me, relax and soak up all the stress of the day or how I begin my day. Pamper yourself these little wellness retreats make the difference for a calmer life and family home.

rose bath wellness

Lockdown life

I truly believe this winter we will have another lockdown life. So I have a few months to find another place like this estate in Tuscany to get ready for a very controlled way of living. My home is my new holiday and wellness retreat. Until this pandemic is over I have to make sure I and my family are happy. Happy wife, happy family.

I know what makes me at peace, sane and joyful. I will do anything to be selfish and do it.

As mum’s guilt is our second name. Not anymore, put yourself first to create a bedroom or room where it’s your own space to reflect and watch your state of mind.

Anxiety, depression and mental health are important. It should always be.

Poppies Tuscany

I like to wear wearable plants to connect me with nature and stay calm.