In India, they believe karma can kill you or make you poor and sick if you wear someone else’s second-hand shoes. Can vintage footwear anoint you to prosper or make you ill and in some cases kill you before your time?

I rarely buy second-hand shoes and when I do I always never wore them and gave them away. Ask yourself what life walked before you placed yourself in someone else’s shoes, literally. Can someone else’s footprint change your destiny? Shoes are powerful because they belong to your own very footprint. They belong to you, you chose to buy them because they represented your spirit. Or the second-hand shoes you bought what on earth was the history before you stepped foot into them?

Shoes - Can Second Hand Shoes Curse Or Kill You

Walking In Someone Elses Footprint

I can’t fathom the curse, anointing or even the history of someone else’s shoes. When buying in vintage stores where and how have the shoes gone before you been? who owned the shoes? Why did they buy them? And why did the person give them away? Was it death, or an illness that those shoes ended up on your feet when you decided to buy them? Why buy second-hand shoes in the first place? Is it the lack of cash or is it that you like to buy them because you like the uniqueness?


What comes around goes around. Can karma on a pre-owned shoe end up being in your life/ Could the shoes you wear owned by someone else curse you and make you very sick. Could a footwear curse of death be in those shoes? Can materials like leather carry the curse of death? I do truly believe it can. Shoes are is so personal. Your footprint overuse gets moulded into the shoe. So it’s your soul walking the walk of life. How do you know where those shoes have walked. Could they have been part of a robbery or a murder? What does that person who owned those shoes about? Were they an evil being? Were they kind and friendly? I believe in the scripture of someone else giving you their success and power to heal others.

Shoes - Can Second Hand Shoes Curse Or Kill You

1 Kings 19:19

19 So Elijah went from there and found Elisha son of Shaphat. He was ploughing with twelve yokes of oxen, and he himself was driving the twelfth pair. Elijah went up to him and threw his cloak around him.


Follow Your Shoe Instinct

I touch successful people and kind people. I touch people’s cloaks when I want to be like them and inspired by them. When you buy second-hand shoes or are given a pair. Follow your gut instinct and be sensitive to how you feel when you place them on your feet. when you walk in someone else’s shoes do they empower you? Do your feel a very heavy unsettle peace? if so take them off that don’t belong on your feet. Give them away and If you feel evil to go and burn them. Don’t mess with the supernatural, it is real and so are cursed.

Shoes - Can Second Hand Shoes Curse Or Kill You

Generational Shoe Curses

My ancestors were an interesting lot. My surname is Giove which is very powerful in Italy. Whilst in Rome my surname was on a masterpiece. Giove means Jupiter. When I Florence a sala, the room is called after my surname, Giove. I do believe that this is my heritage and I touched those items as an endorsement and to continue that legacy.

GIOVE Jupiter

Giove is Jupiter think how powerful that is? I am that person where I am a warrior always in battle pioneering new revolutions and renaissances. Those are the shoes I want to wear and replicate. Those are my family who gives me that anointing and legacy. This is my walk, these are my footprints and these are the shoes that belong to me. I want to and continue to leave my footprint in my own unique and niche shoes.


What Does Your Shoe Say About You?

Look at your collection of shoes. Ask yourself how many have I worn? How many have I bought that don’t belong to you? Get rid of the shoes that are holding you back in life on every level. I sold ten pairs of new shoes and will continue to do so. Why, do I do that? I feel too, my spirit says this is a new era a new fight for freedom. I am Jupiter and need to wear shoes that represent that spirit.

Shoes - Can Second Hand Shoes Curse Or Kill You