I have never been so frustrated as I am now. Over the last year, I have recreated my villa. I have used fresh flowers and rustic plants to keep me happy. I underestimated the power of flower power. Whatever is accessible on my estate and its surroundings I pick and place it in my rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and workspace.

How do I overcome frustration and disappointments?

Start Off The Day Picking Flowers

When I wake up I walk the estate and listen to the birds and pick flowers. It helps me stay calm, focused and relaxed. Anxiety can grip us all very much now. So many unknowns now. I can’t plan even two weeks ahead. As it ever-changing regarding travel. work and access. I have never had so many cancellations in my life as I have experienced in the last year.


Don’t Get Your Hops Up Regarding Travel

Travel was my daily life. But now I can’t book, plan anything. Lockdown changes all the time. I got Covid and that stopped my life for one month. My husband got sick and is not recovering fast at all.

Covid exhausts men and their recovery are very slow. Frustration is a killer to the soul and the mind. The last two weeks I have got really frustrated with my family, friends and life itself.


Hence why I went into overdrive picking roses. Whatever I have access to when it comes to nature. I am now focused on helping me let go of frustration, disappointment.

I have packed and unpacked the car several times due to lockdown and illnesses.


All my travel plans once again are all on hold. It is so damn upsetting as my work depends on it and so does my sanity.

How do I avoid going insane?

Hope Is A Daily Task

Don’t depend on travel or even booking a wedding. Hope that can be halted due to lockdown and covid. It’s frustrating but hope now is taking on each day as it comes. Be prepared for everything to be turned upside down. My plans have been halted so many times it is part of this covid life.

So hope is in the faith I cannot see. Or now what is coming my way. But what I can control is my home, the setting the interior design and pursuing the household as calm and peaceful.

Do What You Can Control

I can pick roses, I can make my villa as mice as can be. I can get food and I can work and home school. These are the chores I can control. I can create my bedroom wellness to be able to be as happy and calm. Be flexible, be open and change your life routines. Changing how you live in your home will take the frustration out of this messed up simple life.

Don’t give anyone your mind and power of how you react to everyday living.

Get your family involved in cooking, cleaning, picking flowers. So you become appreciated. I lose my cool if I am ever cleaning, cooking and telling the family to show some household respect.

Leave Their Plates In Their Bed

I often leave the dirty plates my family leave around in their bed. Imagine the disgust when they see it. Trust me they get the message fast, Don’t let the frustration of household work get the better of you.  Happy wife, happy family.


Pursue Peace As If Your life depends On It

Give yourself time out. So what things get out of hand in the home. Stress and anxiety will make you sick and damage your mental health and body. Start a new hobby even it’s like me picking flowers and rearranging them in any vase I can get my hands on.

No one will care about your health, body and your happiness unless you make it clear you are unhappy.

I have many plans to travel for work. But in the meantime, I must focus on daily chores to stay sane.

I hate cooking so I make it clear some days I am on strike. My family to date have not starved yet. My mental health is important.

Be selfish, and focus on what makes you less frustrated. Depression is real and it will get its hands-on your mind. Once you have a mental illness it’s is rare you ever fully recover.

Villa Reale Tuscany

Speak Your Future

Words have power and I speak the life I want in the next year. It works trust me. I pray to Jesus all the time and make sure I feel and read his word. Even if I don’t feel like it.

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