The Italians with money especially over sixty have a judgmental mindset. Tuscany a very rich area of Italy. If I don’t look at the part they have no problem asking me to get out of their store.

Tuscan people can be really horrible people. You need to fit into and become part of their little tribe, and if you don’t, they look down on you. When I first moved here, I thought the North Italians were odd balls.

I have met some rude, arrogant Italians. They really don’t care how they behave. I got reminded of this in the last few days. That what I wear will do two things. Welcome me with open arms or simply be asked to leave.

Why am I asked to leave an atelier or a posh wine store after entering it? Who treats people like this still? What is it about my aurora that got the owners so irate?

That scene of Pretty Women is exactly what I experienced several times in Italy. Where what I wore was not welcomed.

Fiat Balilla Classic Car Gracie Opulanza

I never followed trends, I dressed in a very original, personal way, and the best lesson I have taught others was not to look or behave in a way that people expect. Just do what you want to do.’

Gypsy Skirt

Every time I wear this skirt. Which I now call the gipsy skirt. I get judged. What is it about this skirt that has resulted in me being asked for ID? Or directly to my face, been asked to leave because I don’t fit the image.

I am a strong confident woman. I don’t accept being treated rudely by anyone. When you do, brace yourself because they don’t expect the verbal to come back.

I walked into an atelier shop of wonderful fabrics. I walked in and he stood up, this is an exclusive atelier. I said, yes I understand that. I walked around, touched some of the fabrics.

In Italy I warn you, and it’s nothing to do with Covid. Don’t touch the clothing. Of course, I am going to touch the fabric.

This arrogant rude, moody guy. Asked me to leave as he is working. I upset his concentration. I said nothing when I walked in.

I looked at him and left. As I walked out the door, he was yelling at me.

I wrote how I was treated on his Instagram. What on earth was running through his head when I walked into his door?

Fiat 500 Classic car Gracie Opulanza Tuscany italy beige

What do you think of this skirt? I wore it whilst droning here in Tuscany.


A sommelier is a wine steward, or a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, typically found in fine restaurants and across the hospitality industry. Now it was 10 am, the doors were open and I walked into an amazing enotica. Different day, same gipsy skirt. She looked me up and down rudely said we are closed, get out. I looked her up and down, responded. Your door was open? In future don’t leave your doors open. Eve so, not need to be so moody when asking to leave.

I explained my treatment again on their IG.

What these people don realise. I am in Pietrasanta a posh, individual village with an amazing boutique of individual designers, shops and restaurants. I love this village.

I am here to promote my experiences. This is a place to find one-off items all handmade in Italy.

It’s been a real mixture of either being welcomed or not. Don’t worry I have bought amazing items here.

olive leather bag Tuscany

All bought in this village, Pietrasanta.

Long Term Customer Service

In Italy, the mindset on average in rich villages is that customers will always come. The wealthy Italians do have their clients. Maybe they don’t need the extra cash? But it gives no man the right to be so unkind and rude. To be so judgmental.

I have got an excellent reputation in Tuscany and won’t have an issue sharing how I am being treated.

I am Italian, so imagine if I was not?

Is it my skirt? Is the skirt cursed? Or is God teaching me to choose my battles? Ignore and when the time is right, I will meet these people again.

A few hours later. I wore a different outfit. As I walked past the sommelier. They smiled and asked me if I wanted a drink?

I smiled and walked away. Later I had a business meeting and they asked me to join them. You guessed it, at this same place.

I changed the venue.

Don’t cut the handoff that feeds you. First impressions count more so than ever.

I often return to places where the service is love. But the food or drinks maybe not the best. I am also about how I am welcomed.

The Cursed Skirt

I asked a few strangers if there was something wrong with my skirt. What impression did it give out? They all loved the skirt and my niche look. As I write I have a bulldog literally smelling my skirt?

Clothes have power. Clothes carry messages.

I adore this skirt, as my journey of intimidation by judgemental rich Italians continue. I leave you with this.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. They may open the biggest business deal you have ever dreamt of?

At the Vatican City, the police officer pulled me over as I was walking into the church. Asked me for ID and why I was entering?

I was wearing the skirt. What was strange was he saw me every day for five days before? He looked at my skirt. And by his impressions nd expression, he was not impressed?

What comes to mind when you see me wearing this skirt?