Sporty Couture is my new name. The images below are taken by me in Holland guiding you that looking and feeling sporty is the only way forward. I was in Holland for almost three weeks and during that time the bike fashion really stood out. I walked in the Dolce Gabbana store at the P.C Hooftstraat, and saw that they had made 20 bespoke bikes to match their latest collection. This was reaffirming me that sporty couture is the new way of marketing fashion.

Staying in shape is harder than ever these days for women. I truly believe we have all lost our way regarding our fitness levels. The importance and impact looking and feeling fit has a huge influence for you mentally and physically. For me the fitter I am the better I can handle life everyday.

Brands That Represent Sporty Couture Fashion

There were labels I noticed this time in Holland that are extremely comfortable and practical for the everyday working women. Especially those that need to cycle to work. Lets face it the demand of a hectic working lifestyle for us women is challenging. So how do you look good without too much of an effort?  How do you now wear a suit that is comfortable to wear and you can still ride your bike to work?  Simple the brand is called Vanilia.

The clothing in this store in their own words is labelled Sporty Couture. It is a range of clothes for women to wear that want to look fit and stay fit whilst going to work.. The materials these dresses, suit jackets and skirts are made of, are stretchy. They come in small and big sizes which targets all markets. More so you can ride your bike in style.


More so than ever the sport shoes that are out there now for women, are super cool and very comfortable to wear. With certain labels any sports shoe  just looks super sexy, sporty and chic fun. I have tried many trainers for the last three weeks and the following combination is so comfortable and well worth looking into. You can ride your bike with chic ease.

Boots For The Summer Bike

If there was a pair of boots I love this was it, they are from the gorgeous Dutch label called Lien & Giel. They were so comfortable to wear and they looked and felt amazing. You could easily ride a marathon in them and if the comments on my social media are a reflection, these  Sporty Couture Boots really are really hot. I hear on the grape vine they maybe opening in the UK.  The only regret  I have is I wish I had bought them.


So to all the ladies out there who love to ride, especially in Holland, embrace Sporty Couture  because it is the next big thing since me launching SportStyleFashion.

Don’t worry guess who is going to lead and set the trends for Sporty Couture. You got it.