At every fashion event I keep asking myself the same question. How do I put my business into the spotlight? I also ask the designers and fashion brands the same question about their business. Why are you showcasing your designs this way via a fashion show? Is it worth the massive investment? Did it meet your expectations and how did you measure your outcome?

Through my magazine MenStyleFashion and my blog Gracie Opulanza, I am all about promoting people, products and fashion brands that want to be placed into the spot light. From what I have seen in the fashion and PR industry, I can offer you a powerful method in marketing your brand. I am all about taking your business and putting it in front of the new media, consumers and brand your product myself as well. The following little teaser is all about innovation and showing you the power of marketing.

How Much Money Have You Wasted So far In Marketing?

In scouting at these fashion events, it always dawns on me how much it has cost the designer to showcase their work at Fashion Week Events. More so, how effective and productive it has been and how many sales did they close? How effective was their marketing exposure and how much profit (or loss) was made after it?

Disruptive Marketing – What It  Entails

I can’t help noticing that art has now been incorporated within fashion events. Ironically I have been honoured to have been involved in exposing fantastic talent. It’s amazing what can form very quickly with innovation and grabbing impulsive moments when I am out and about. Yes, that is what I do. I love to challenge and innovate by using Disruptive Marketing and establishing a trend within the fashion industry. It is similar to what some designers do with clothes designed to shock like J.W Anderson with the men walking in skirts or Robyn Coles who used naked models at the London Fashion Week a few years ago.

Turning up to fashion events and simply posing and looking good is not going to cut it anymore. That won’t do anything in the long term, it will not get you noticed and won’t make you money. You may get a few shots here and there but that is it. In my research, most people in the fashion industry get noticed by who they interact with, who they suck up to and who they know.

I’m proud to say I am not one of them and my business has grown without sucking up to anyone. Now it does not mean you have to be rude and abusive, honesty and integrity is key here.

How Do You Get Noticed?

What I simply do is look at what is presented before me at these Fashion Events. In MenStyleFashion and Gracie Opulanza, I have two very powerful platforms to expose your brand, product or talents. The fast growing interaction we have had on the MenStyleFashion Facebook Page means that it has overtaken Facebook pages like GQ UK.  This is not bad considering we are not even two years old and online only.

If you want your brand to get noticed CONTACT ME  and we can discuss how. Here are my examples so far of a wide variety of marketing opportunities.

Lavazza – MenStyleCoffee

Maria Scard Photography

Both my Photographer Maria Scard and Carl from Pin Collar Shirts got featured in David Gandy’s personal blog in VOGUE. Guess who got them into the spotlight?

David Gandy - London collections Men June 2013 Reiss blue Suit (5)

Pin Collar Shirts

Pincollarshirts for Women 2014


Carl Thompson - PinCollar Shirts - MenStyleFashion Umbrella (3)

Fashion Illustrator

mrscmillustration megan (5)

STE Illustrates



Artycouture - MenStyleFashion