I am very new to the Fashion Industry and all the Fashion Week dramas. For me going to catwalks lining up proving who you are can be very stressing indeed. Registering with the elite Fashion Companies of the world is not an easy task. In my conversation last week with the British Fashion Council a new alert has come to light. People are always trying to make out they belong to an organisation when they are not.

It takes hours and a lot of hard work to get a press pass. You have to prove your Web traffic volume and much more. You have to show them that your blog is active, influential and the content is new every single day. I work on MenStyleFashion every single moment I can.

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I am building a brand that no one has ever heard of. For me when you are building a Fashion Magazine or any business. It’s in the faith and the hope you can not see that makes it very exciting. You are everything, it’s down to your good or bad judgement of situations and of people. It’s that God given gut instinct I tap into everyday, before I write an article. Before I interview people or allow people to join me on a fashion show.

Taking Advantage of Gracie Opulanza

In recent weeks I have learnt a very valuable lesson. That when you are very open and trusting towards people my strength. You will come up against the human nature of certain people that are  there to take advantage of you. People that you’ve trusted and registered and  given press passes to represent your company. Then get the press pass and run off, never to be seen again. Yes that was one of my so called Photographers who was to help me at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

I work very hard to get my interviews.  It takes courage, boldness, days and weeks of planning to get them. I am gobsmacked to find out that people are stealing my interviews and my content, making out it belongs to them. Don’t worry I have lots of more exciting interviews coming up for you.

Honesty & Integrity

The fashion industry is a a small world, much smaller than you think. My message is very simple I have a great reputation for working hard encouraging people and sticking to my word. I have build my brand around what I call the gatekeepers. Yes the people that a lot of you ignore. The man who gets me my coffee at every event, who goes out of his way for me. The people who register me in at fashion events and who are very important and get mistreated a lot.

I go out of my way to be nice and acknowledge their hard work. They put up with a lot of abuse and irritation, sometimes by me. The security guys at fashion events have a lot to put up with. It’s very frustrating for them to see people trying to get into events under someone else’s press pass. You will get caught out one day trust me. The key is just like me I have built my brand from hard work, sweat, tears, lots of fun and emotion.

Yes you want to be an influential blogger then build your own brand. Recent research shows that a successful blogger earns on average £2.50 and hour and it says you are better off flipping burgers for a living. I’ve flipped burgers and I am still lining up at the back of the cue and I am still being told to stand at the back of the catwalks putting up with abuse. I call these humility moments and humble beginnings and sorts out my pride every single time and my ego.

However I am pushing boundaries here, ruffling the peacock feathers, doing things that the Fashion Industry has not seen before.

My Team My Brand

I have found my core team who have stuck with me right from the world go. Who put up with my over enthusiasm and umbrellas.  Who put up with my personality flaws. We are team MenStyleFashion we are honest and trustworthy. Our mission is clear, that honesty and integrity pay off every single time.

Who Is Team MenStyleFashion?

Arthur van de Laak, Maria Scard, Robbie Canale, Zoe Della Rocca, Carl Thompson, Richenda Solomon, Edith Nkwocha and Paul Cadogan