Photographers and magazine editors have a lot of pressure from society on how to portray models. In a recent interview, Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson spoke her mind about the pressure to become even skinnier. What is more shocking is how former 90’s Supermodel, Linda Evangelista described herself. How she compared herself to her other 90’s style icons. Linda is a victim of beauty abuse within the fashion industry. How it has made us women turning fifty feel like outcasts.

I am deformed, disfigured fat ageing woman. Who in the last five years adopted a mindset of self-loathing. Thanks to the modelling industry for clothing in 2021. I am unemployed, unrecognisable and a manic depressive at 54 years old.

Why does she feel like this? Why does she truly believe being fat means she is deformed? I thought she had been in a car accident.

The Cost Of Anti Ageing At Fifty

This famous 1990’s model has been brutally disfigured thanks to PAH Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia treatment. I had no idea what she was referring to? I don’t care much for disfiguring myself under a knife thanks to the fashion and modelling industry.

Role Models For Business Women In The Nineties

Elle taught me that the only way to be a successful businesswoman in the world of fashion is to look like her. Vogue inspired me, that this would never ever happen. Linda showed me that in 2021 being fat is a deformity.

I was bullied at school many times, by the way, my peers made me feel about how I looked.  So I can relate to the choice of words, from supermodel Linda Evangelista in 2021. Does she look that bad?

Linda’s Choice Of Words Reflects The Industry As We Know It Today

The way she sees herself is heartbreaking. To me, she looks like a typical woman who has and is going through menopause. She claims PAH, treatment has resulted in her being fat. Due to cell rare side effects. I could say that too! I mean menopause is all about the cell changes right?

Being a model in the past would have been brutally horrible. Linda would have operated under the most extreme modelling regimes of fat-shaming experiences that models just tolerated during the 1980s, 1990s and as we know today. There was no photoshop or apps, filters to change the way they looked. They were naturally beautiful models that I still admire today. If they got fat or did not fit the selling regime. They lost their jobs.

Top tip ladies, her mindset and mental health is a result of years of modelling expectations. She just looks like the majority of women turning fifty.

Does she look deformed or disfigured? Her mental state of mind is really allowing her to believe she is!

PAH Versus Menopause

I can relate to the choice of Linda’s words because it reads like any woman going through menopause. She uses words as the lowest depths of the self-loathing cycle of deep depression, profound sadness and recluse. This is how I feel currently at times due to menopause and hormonal changes. The biggest heartbreak is how she is comparing herself to her modelling peer’s,  like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. How many of us ladies over fifty compare ourselves to Jennnifer Lopez? Are you feeling confident now?

The video is of me this week trying to climb a round bail of hay with my GO red hiking boots. My first shoe collaboration at fifty.

Don’t Compare Your Past Successes

Linda goes on to say her career and livelihood has been destroyed. That is because the industry is still portraying models of the ’90s on catwalks now in their fifties as super fit, skinny and realistic. They are if we look at the recent Versace catwalk! Who used models like Cindy Crawford.

When Linda looks at her former modelling peers. She describes her current appearance as brutally disfigured. The media describes her as unrecognizable.

She looks bigger and very depressed. Does she look deformed? If she looks deformed what on earth do I look like?

I am angry at what life has thrown at me during this pandemic. No work,  travelling like mad to avoid lockdowns. The choices I made in the past has resulted in my current lifestyle as very dissatisfied at fifty. I still don’t own my dream home. But I will!

Don’t compare yourself to rich, famous fashion models. Beauty is NOT within, it’s how your body and face looks like.

olive green dress hilton den hague

Turning Fifty Disfigures You Mentally And Physically

I am not discrediting her statement, because a lawsuit at fifty million dollars means she must have a case?  But I am fifty and she is 54, I have experienced all the above mental health issues without having surgery. I am unrecognisable compared to my twenties. My fat cells have changed my current appearance and caused me emotional distress.

I can’t button up my skirts due to my bulging tummy and endless eating of cakes. I suffered from depression due to hormonal changes. At times I would sit for hours with this odd sense of profound sadness.

That came about due to many rejections from the fashion industry not wanting to work with me as an influencer.I know it was because I didn’t look a certain way.

Also in 2014, I had a house fire and lost everything. Insurance would not cover it. Life experiences make you depressed. But I got through it.

For other health reasons, became a recluse as I did not want to see people. I had no idea at the time it was part of premenopause symptoms. Also, I had a fungus infection in my toes. I was actually slowly going through blood poisoning. It destroyed my mental health for a few months.

Don’t ignore the state of your toenails or feet!

Deformity Caesarian

My caesarian has left me in pain and disfigured. I have a scar that hurts all the time. I can’t bend over or do sit-ups as I use to. The more I tone up, my cesarian aches. My leakage problem has started in my thirties due to cutting through muscle tissues. Did this affect my mental state of mind? Of course, it did. I never look at my scars, as I get angry at times for having this scar. I can’t wear low cutting jeans anymore due to the scar.

It’s called motherhood sacrifice. Bad luck, I could not have kids naturally. Least I have kids.

GO Red Hiking Boot

Modelling Is Not Just An Outer Beauty

Has Linda not taught us that her bravery of deformity brought her here. I mean she is unrecognisable, compared to her George Michael music video. Her colleagues are ageing amazing over fifty compared to her, and that must suck for her. Her disfigurement of being fat and not in the public spotlight has had a profound effect on her mental state.

Why is Vogue not wanting her as a model over fifty?

Linda for the first time in her life knows how we women feel when it comes to being ugly and fat. Her former fashion modelling lifestyle is not going to save her anymore. The result of her condition means she now has to face the harsh reality of menopause, getting old, a life-changing body type, resulting in a manic depressive state.

She chose the surgery in the first place to fight what exactly? Ageing? We can see clearly the toll of being a recluse and staying locked up for five years done to her.

We all can relate to lockdown life.

Accepting Your Body Changes Is Part Of Aging

I had amazing perky breasts until I started breastfeeding.  They gave me confidence. Not any more. Have we not looked at photos of our past of what we once were? In her case a supermodel of the ’90s. I would be in tears too if I kept on comparing how I looked when I was younger.

So to Linda welcome to the world of ageing. This former supermodel can now represent the ever-changing results of bad cosmetic surgery. She is a typical overweight woman over fifty. Her abdomen over the recent years is not flat anymore.

Or maybe being a recluse for five years and not exercising alongside depression has clearly caught up with her. Maybe the surgery just speed up the effects of ageing as a woman? Suck it up it happens to us all.


This is what I look like. Me modelling my GO Red Hiking Boots. at fifty. It is what it is when it comes to weight, ageing. I am not into spending big money to look younger. I use a facial scrub from Braun, it’s brilliant for cleansing.

Linda Modelling Mindset Should Protects Girls

It’s how we change our mindset to what life at us is us, women are amazing. My advice to Linda is to get on with public life. Give back to the public they need you. Do TED talks that inspire others about your ever-changing jawline and double chin. Linda writes that book because you no longer look skinny. How did you get to the lawsuit in the first place?

Linda guide and mentor young girls who want to model like you. Don’t allow Vogue to hold you hostage regarding being super skinny on catwalks of today. It’s why Cindy Crawford manages her own daughter. She knows how brutal and how much bullying, sexual and mental abuse can happen in the modelling industry.

Linda, you are the true essence of courage by what you do now. Fighting to change the beauty industry as we know it. Get back into modelling and show you are a fighter on how deformed women can look at fifty. Being fat is not a deformity!

Vogue is all about models of diversity now. There are other platforms to showcase your changing body and face. like tic tok.

Does Beauty Really Go Skin Deep?

Linda’s thick thighs can easily model for plus-size collections. Linda was a marketing slave to the fashion industry.

I have been to many backstage catwalks at London Fashion Week, at Paris Fashion Week and at Barcelona Fashion Week.

It shocks me how unhealthy the models look and what they eat. Thanks to packing on the making up the result of these models face changes. It takes endless hours to make them looks amazing on that catwalk. Don’t be fooled being a young model is tough and brutal.

It deforms your mental health and eating habits too. Londa is an example of the industry and what she now defines as a disfigured fat fifty year old.

Don’t Be Shamed

Linda clearly feels ashamed of how she looks now. Once adored supermodel, a God-given natural beauty. She never had to work too hard to look beautiful.  She made millions due to her natural beauty. She should be thanking God, she has the cash to take on this lawsuit. One thing is for sure, she has damaged the reputation of the company who treated her.

Linda in the past never had to result in corrective surgeries as many of us women may have wanted to. I have had two nose jobs and did so because my Italian nose was huge compared to my facial proportion. I did this thanks to models like Linda and Elle. I wanted that perfect image of looking and feeling beautiful. The harsh reality is I don’t look like them and never will.

Today’s reality and working in the fashion industry is why skinny, pretty on the runway fashion is still the favourite of marketing clothing.

Bullied In Fashion

I got bullied so much at school for my big nose. I had no friends for a year. I am grateful for these experiences. I know what it’s like to be bullied by the British Fashion Council and be judged for not belonging in this fashion industry. They chose to make me feel ugly both inside and out.

I have lost many opportunities due to the fashion week industry. Because the BFC made me feel deformed, for just being me. I was not pretty enough to ever be a model, my legs were too short, my face is not in the right proportion.

Thanks to UK PR’s representing the BFC, I was told to my face. That my hands were way too big and offence when I talked. I went into a big deep depression and self-loathing thanks to London Fashion Weeks. It was the change of my mindset that got me through this.

This is why Linda is still under the curse of runways. And how they perceive beauty to be.

Too Fat For My Wardrobe

I can’t fit into any of these outfits as I am now at fifty as I am 10kg heavier.

2016 London Fashion Met Jeans

We Change As Women In Our Fifties

I was 10kg lighter here in 2016, at London Fashion Week. How do you think I feel now, not being able to get into this amazing Met Jeans with Swarvoski all over it.

To be fair I could lose weight but I am not that motivated too.

Don’t Give Up

I was not welcomed into Linda’s world. That comes down to the industry that Linda made her millions from. Linda represents much older models and the mental state of mind when it comes to ageing. She feels ripped off and unwelcomed into her peer’s fashion world. That would be very hard to digest. But it’s not the end of her career.

The most powerful result is and when we see her back modelling as a fat, disfigured, depressive woman. No shame in that at all.

In her own words, I leave you with what her mindset displays when you world with luxury fashion brands of the past.

Former deformed, fat, self-loathing, nineties supermodel Linda Evangelista is suing. For PAH Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia treatment. My unnrecognisable disfurged face and body, is why the fashion media deems me unsellable, unemployable and brutally ugly.

Not very inspiring is it? Or hopeful for women who are trying to be beautiful and read this reality. Linda needs to put appearances in perspective and live.

The Nineties Appeal Is Back

Being you, Linda is a huge trend now on Tik Tok. Gen Z is loving the ’90s make-up. So much so Black Honey lipstick by Clinique apparently is all sold out. So slap on lipstick, get a personal trainer and start changing the mindset. That is the best inspiring gift you can give yourself.