Are you really at the end of your menstruate cycle? This is one of the questions I was forced to ask myself in March 2018? No thanks to all the women who clearly thought I was. Being over forty meant to everyone else it was an indication that menopause was truly happening to me.

Was I misdiagnosing my symptoms? Was everyone else misdiagnosing my symptoms? The reality is everyone was wrong why was I having the so could menopause signs? What was really happening?

I am an advocate of understanding my own body. I have lived in this body all my life so I should know what to look out for? Since my first menstrual cycle, I have been the luckiest lady in the world. It comes on time only for three days and rarely any pain. The only big change is my craving for chocolate. I am an impatient, snappy character and that is nothing to do with my period. That is who I am!

Should you listen to your GP advice when it comes to menopause? I never go to a GP unless I am at death’s door. My body is like a car and I get it serviced every few months it is called Body Stress Release.  This as women I find we always ignore the warning signs before it gets out of hand.

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Study Your Mothers Menopause History

How do you know if you are going through menopause? It is important to share but don’t listen to others experiences as your own. I also encourage any women to look at the history of your own mother’s symptoms and what age she went through menopause. This is a good solid indication of what age you may go through menopause. My mum was almost sixty and apart from some hot flushes, the transition was fine to me. I never noticed a difference with my mum’s behaviour and I was at an age older enough in where I would have noticed. So I figure that the same pattern will repeat itself with me. I can’t be sure, but I certainly hope so.

Why am I not going through menopause yet at the age of 48?

Are You Misdiagnosing Your Symptoms

I lucky understood that everyone is different when it comes to menopause, and it is important that we grasp this when sharing.  It is important to share what you are going through but it does not mean it is menopause. This is why I am sharing. Don’t let other’s mess with your foggy head let alone brain lapses. There may be other reasons for it?

So me allowing others misdiagnosing my symptoms resulted in many months of crazy thoughts. I had no hot flushes, but a definite foggy head with a memory loss that came out of know where.

I shared with others I do not concentrate on GPS instructions anymore? Lack of concentration is part of menopause. However, I put it down to reviewing different cars for five weeks. Each car has different infotainment systems.

I also shared I could not remember where I parked my car. Another sign for menopause. But again for five weeks, I drove the following cars a Tesla, Bentley, Range Rover, Lexus, Audi and a Jaguar. Hard to remember so many cars in such shorts space.

I would have moments where I would just be staring into space and somewhat paralysed. I just noticed that 30min went by and I could not move I was on the lounge like a zombie. Again another sign of menopause. What was going on? Look for body signs to give you clues.

But it did occur to me that my legs and feet were odd? Why on earth were my legs killing me and my ankles and feet were so swollen?

Menopause - Are You Misdiagnosing Your Symptoms Gracie Opulanza

Pedicure From Hell Virus

The reality thanks to my sister and my Body Stress Release practitioner I had caught an infection in Asia when I did a pedicure treatment. I am a big fan of gel treatments but was way too relaxed in observing the salon lack hygiene tools.  I figured that the gel in my toes was infected and over time they gave me a virus that was slowly building. As a result, this hidden infection was in my toenails and going through my bloodstream and slowly into my brain. Toe yeast infections can be fatal and are very common signs like menopause. It took a lot of tablets, sugar detox and oils to kill it inside and out. The results were clear, my brain fog went, my legs were not aching and my feet were back to normal.

Body Stress Release

My menstrual cycle has always been the same since the age of 12. But two years ago I noticed it was getting less and I was feeling like this could be the menopause sign. I have always had back issues and I carry my stress in my back. Nothing would ever prepare me for the treatment called Body Stress Release. It is truly been a life-changing gentle treatment. As a result after three treatments and this is the BSR, golden rule. You must have three treatments to get that brain telling the rest of your body that there are some serious issues built up in your body that needs to be released.

Every time I have a treatment I have flashbacks of toxic experiences that I am clearly reminded to let go. This can go back as far as childhood.

I have had many other treatments in my life but nothing gets the results like BSR. For me as a result it does three things.

  1. Releases a lot of anger and frustration I build up in my head.
  2. It balances my soul, body and mind. My brain thoughts are strong and positive after treatments.
  3. When it comes to my menstrual cycles. I go to BSR because I noticed it is out of wack. Once treatment is done, it gets a balance and I am like a 12-year girl it just returns as it always was, strong, heavy an healthy.

Why am I not going through menopause yet at the age of 48?

I truly believe that Body Stress Release is a natural way of me going through menopause when my body is ready and not the other way around.

It is important to share, be-aware but don’t let age or anyone tell you that you are going through menopause. Your body certainly will in its own way and time.