It is important to take care of your eyes. In a technology-driven society and environment where blue light is consistently emitted from screens, your vision is constantly vulnerable to fatigue, as well as long-term concerns of deteriorating health. This is why it is essential that you provide yourself with the best possible care you can in numerous ways including being more informed and aware of the items you purchase. Here are some products to help you care for your eyes and vision against blue light.

Bluelight Screen Filter

One type of product that can help protect you from the blue light of a computer screen is a screen filter. These types of products are filters that fit on top of your screen, actively blocking out the brightness and color of the blue light, which causes your vision to tire and become fatigued. These are perfect to install in offices and workspaces that are dedicated to a company or business usage. However, there are several drawbacks with this, as they have to physically be outfitted for the machine in question. If you have multiple workstations, affording enough for each monitor can become pricey. Additionally, this does not prevent blue light issues from other devices such as tablets or cellphones. For those, you have to get separate filters in order to accommodate the different screen sizes.

Bluelight Glasses

A flexible solution to the blue light issue is the availability of blue light glasses. These glasses can come in a variety of frames with different prescriptions depending on your vision needs. They are also available for those that don’t have vision problems but still want a way to prevent or reduce blue light, being able to purchase and use without a prescription for the lenses. The benefit of this is that you do not need separate products for your monitors, phones, and tablets, and can use them wherever only need a single pair. However, glasses often are more expensive, especially prescription ones. If you already have glasses or wear prescription lenses, consider consulting your eye doctor or optometrist when you go in for your next examination or want to get a new pair. You can ask to get blue light lenses that often don’t interfere with your vision, as they don’t often change the color too much. It is important that you consider your needs, but if you are constantly on-screen absorbing blue light, it is an investment to consider.

Book Lights For Night Reading

Blue light is not only attained from computer screens and phones but is present in other sources of light. These include your bulbs and lights around your home, from the dining room to the bedroom. One of the biggest concerns when dealing with blue light is the inability to sleep properly, as the light has a tendency to keep you awake and more alert. For many people who read, this can be a problem as your table lamps may be contributing to your restlessness. A book light that is tailored for both comfort reading, and to help you sleep at night will produce no blue light, allowing your eyes to be more relaxed and feel less fatigued. This will help you fall asleep faster and get rest more effectively.

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Device With Built-In Apps

Other considerations to make when you as a consumer know that you will be utilizing different tools and technologies that might produce blue light is to investigate and research the specific equipment itself to determine if they come with ways to counteract eye strain. Many phones and computers understand the growing concern for your vision and eye health and incorporate different programs that accommodate concerns for harmful blue light. Newer devices have the ability to operate in a night mode where less blue light is emitted from the screen, which is beneficial right before you go to sleep. Additionally, if your device does not come with the necessary program or capability, you can always install external applications that do the same job in altering your screen light to be more comfortable.

Ultimately, the best way to reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to is to reduce the amount of time that you spend on your computer. However, not everyone can do this, especially when many jobs demand people and employees spend a significant amount of their days staring at screens. There are many ways through various products that you can still reduce your overall blue light exposure to be more comfortable, both when you are working and when you are consuming various forms of entertainment.