If you like to spend a bit of time going for a run each day or every few days, you already know how emotionally, mentally, and physically rewarding it can be. Jogging is excellent for your bodily health but also your mental state and can help improve your immune system and combat stress later on in the day or week. The following will explore a few things that you might want to include in your daily jog to help make it more comfortable or enjoyable.

Running Socks

You probably already know all about the value of a good pair of running shoes (if you don’t, get on that ASAP as a cheap pair can cause damage to your joints and eventually lead to injuries), but not enough is said about some good running socks. Not only will a high-quality pair of socks develop holes more slowly, which is a constant problem for those who run a lot, but they can also keep your feet at the right temperature and dampness to help prevent problems like smelly feet or fungi.

An athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that tends to develop between a person’s toes as a result of having sweaty feet packed into tight-fitting shoes. Some sports socks are moisture-wicking or made from breathable materials to help reduce the risk of something like this from happening to you. A good pair of socks can also reduce the risk of blisters which every runner could probably use some help avoiding. Foot health is incredibly important if you want to continue jogging for the foreseeable future.


Running can be the most relaxing part of your day. For some, their run is a critical part of self-care; it’s something they do just for themselves amid hectic days of obligations and work meetings. Getting a pair of earbuds that aren’t going to get in the way or fall out while you’re running and choosing the right running playlist can take this act of self-care to a whole new level. Some people prefer upbeat tunes that boost their mood and encourage them to push harder; others like mellow, feel-good tracks that build upon the zen sensations that come with running. Whatever music you love can be enjoyed while running and taking in the scenery. It is important to note, however, that you should not blast the music so loud that you cannot hear things like cars, bike bells, or people trying to get your attention. For safety purposes, be sure that you can still take in the sounds of your surroundings while listening.

6 Items You Can Comfortably Implement Into Your Daily Jog

Dog Belt

If you’ve got a furry canine friend, running can be a wonderful way for both of you to get some exercise. Just like people, dogs benefit from fresh air, but it can be hard to keep your gait comfortable if you have a leash in your hand. There are belts specifically designed to be worn while running with a dog that keeps your friend safely attached to you while letting your hands go free. Your furry friend will be prevented from running too far away or chasing the car that passes, but you’ll still be able to run until your heart’s content.

Barefoot Running Shoes

If you want to take your running experience in a new direction, you might want to try out these nifty shoes that wrap around each individual toe and help mimic the feeling of running barefoot, which some runners find changes everything for them. Your gait has a huge impact on your back, hips and neck, so switching things up might relieve pressure or reduce certain types of pain.

6 Items You Can Comfortably Implement Into Your Daily Jog

Salt Tablets

Hydration is key. As a runner, you probably already know this, but water is only part of the equation. Salt is a critical part of staying hydrated, and salt tablets can be a real lifesaver in this regard. This is particularly important if you’re pushing yourself hard and/or it’s extremely hot outside.

Dog/Bear Spray

If you’re running through the woods alone, it’s always a good idea to have a little something to protect yourself. Many animals like to chase things that are moving fast and quickly running can become a problem because of this. Bear spray and dog spray are far easier to find than you might think and could just save your life.

The above list contains a few things you might want to include in your regular jogging routine to make things safer and more comfortable. Everyone is different, and this means that every runner is going to be different as well. It’s always a good idea to listen to your body and make changes when your body is telling you that something isn’t working.