It’s tough to love our clothes and keep wearing them for longer when we are faced with a tempting array of newness on offer in the shops. It is becoming tougher for me to support fashion weeks around the globe. I have to spare a thought for the impact of fast fashion on the environment, this is what fashion weeks are all about. I planned this in advance as I wanted to play my part in supporting our city of London regarding clear air and noise pollution.

So why was it that at London Fashion Week, I was the only one trending a Tesla Model 3 and an Audi E-Tron? I was very disappointed to notice that no other fashion label or company around the globe were taking this on board.  No one was turning up in electric cars in any country.

Gracie Opulanza ETron Audi Umbrella 2019 (2)

Fast fashion focuses on speed and low costs in order to deliver frequent new collections inspired by catwalk looks or celebrity styles. But it is particularly bad for the environment, as pressure to reduce cost and the time it takes to get a product from design to shop floor means that environmental corners are more likely to be cut. Criticisms of fast fashion include its negative environmental impact, water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste.

Last month around the globe as far as I could notice, London, Paris, New York and Milan were in fine form promoting change in clothing and being more aware of  Sustainable Fashion. In regards to all these events, you need a car to attend all of them. Turning up in a car sponsor is part of showing off your brand.

The very important officials and bloggers have the luxury sponsors to embrace electric cars at fashion weeks. So why are they not?

Mercedes Benz has sponsored for years fashion weeks around the globe but still not trending an electric car. Maybe because it is not ready yet? But I did see it at Paris Formula E back in April. Mercedes has an electric car coming and are entering Formula E for the first time this season.

I am noticing some car companies such as DS Automobiles were one of the official car sponsors at Paris Fashion Week this year both for men and women.

Again not driving around in the electric car. Which I experienced at Paris Formula E, a missed opportunity! But they too maybe not ready yet?

Savoy London Savoy London

London Fashion Week

I have not been to London Fashion Week since 2015. I felt to attend and meet up with the sustainable fashion designers who are really been doing this for years.

Fashion houses are so behind regarding making changes to the way they create eco clothing. It seems they are slow regarding electric transport.

I am very proud to be able to influence Fashion Weeks around the globe to take notice of my example.

I felt at London Fashion Week the marketing of sustainable fashion was a trend for some designers and a way of making out they are doing something. I truly believe the way we buy or shop comes down to us as individuals. Thanks to years of Zara, Primark and everything fast and disposable fashion. This is going to be a hard slog to overcome.

I am playing my part by buying less, and I always have bought quality clothing that looks great over years.

Global Fashion Weeks - Not Supporting Electric Cars

Vegan Handbag

Gracie Opulanza Sustainable Fashion London Fashion week 2019 Fendi

Vegan bag. YSL Vintage 1980’s accessories. Fendi Eyewear 2014. Knitwear three years old

Electric Cars Are A Mobile Wardrobe

Why should electric cars trend at fashion weeks? Driving around fashion events is time-consuming and very stressing. The consumption of fuel is a lot higher when driving mainly within central London. An electric car is cheaper to run, the charging stations allow you to charge and park at the same time in central London.  Which is once is great regarding wallet savings and it is a good time to change clothes or have a coffee.

There is no engine, so ample storage space for changing your outfit and storing as many clothes you want. They are quieter so kinder on the ears and regarding attention-seeking. You can sneak up at a catwalk entrance as I did in at the Savoy. Our ears are not tuned to electric cars yet. They thought my car had broken down.

Electric cars stand out because they are high in technology and somewhat very niche. Mercedes Benz will be very niche to trend during fashion weeks, whenever they launch?

Tesla Model 3 MenStyleFashion 2019 Review Electric Cars (8)

Tesla Model 3 Front Boot Space

Global Climate Range

During the fashion weeks, the biggest global climate protest was in full swing. I was so proud to be driving the Audi – E – Tron amongst a youthful hostile crowd. The confusion on their faces when they could not hear an engine. Tesla is known as the leading electric car symbol.

Did you know that fashion is one of the most polluting industries playing its part by not supporting ethical and global changes.

Textile Dyeing Second Largest Polluter Of Clean Water

Vibrant colours, prints and fabric finishes are appealing features of fashion garments, but many of these are achieved with toxic chemicals. Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture. Greenpeace’s recent Detox campaign has been instrumental in pressuring fashion brands to take action to remove toxic chemicals from their supply chains after it tested a number of brands’ products and confirmed the presence of hazardous chemicals. Many of these are banned or strictly regulated in various countries because they are toxic, bioaccumulative (meaning the substance builds up in an organism faster than the organism can excrete or metabolise it), disruptive to hormones and carcinogenic.

Savoy Catwalk

The Brands That Are Sustainable

I had to trend sustainable fashion. It is all about playing a small part during fashion weeks. So I had knitwear that was around three years old and vegan handbags from niche designers not available for the mass or fast production. These items are made to order only which is kinder to the environment. I wore vintage YVL, I wore boots three years old and a headpiece made way back in 2012 for me as a celebration of my blog.

MIHAELA MARKOVIC 2019 Knitwear Black Strand Palace Hotel London United Kingdom Fashion (19)

Knitwear collections take up to six weeks to make and it lasts for years in fact a lifetime

Embracing Electric Cars

I have a long way to go and it is a mindset change but at fashion weeks it is important to set eco -friendly trends alongside clothing for me that means electric cars.

So my message to all fashion events around the globe. It is time you make a stand and embrace the transport of the future which is now and here. My 2020 trend prediction is electric cars will make their mark.

The famous vintage fashion icon, Anna Wintour says. A true confident leader, leads!

Gracie Opulanza ETron Audi Umbrella 2019 (2)