David Bekcham & David Gandy Male models

In the bible God created one of the most courageous and influential kings. A king who sought after God’s own heart. His name was David. Second Samuel describes King David in the Bible as good-looking and having beautiful eyes. Let’s fast forward a few thousands years and God certainly blessed Britain with the two most influential male models in worlds history. Ironically they are both called David.

Just as powerful and influential as King David was. When it comes to the world of fashion, these two guys are a force not to be messed about with.

Fashion politics is always been portrayed as nasty, competitive and damn right cut throat industry. But in my personal experience regarding the male fashion industry, it is so much more different. The men are so sweet, accommodating and very confident standing on their own two feet. The guys understand that running their own race and being true to themselves is why I am going to talk about these two. Should David Gandy be worried or threatened that David Beckham is going to be much more involved in the fashion scene. Are these two in reality the male fashion world of what I will call our Zoolander 2013 in the making.

It came to no surprise David Beckham was hanging about London Fashion Week last week. What a perfect undercover motive. There to support his wife. Let’s face it, the talented Victoria Beckham has created her own name and does not need her husband to enhance that.

DG V DB – Time For a Walk Off

I am a dreamer and I hope you get my sense of humour. So imagine these two in the same room. What are they thinking. David Beckham could be observing and saying. Right Gandy I am going to kick your three piece suit right out of the water. Or could David Gandy being thinking. Come on Beckham, it’s time for a walk off? Could Mr H&M be thinking. Check out my six pack and tattoos. And in response, Mr DG could be contemplating, My biceps are huge compared to yours. Could this be Perfume Rage? Mr Light Blue flexing his gullwing triceps. In response Beckham saying, GET YOUR OWN SMELL.

Could Beckham be pondering I’ve got golden balls beat that? In response Gandy could be saying, I’m single and WheyHey, I’m so cool, I’m  cooler than ice-cream.

Walk Off Scene in Zoolander

School Drop Off

Imagine school drop off. Now if there is Daddy Cool then Beckham stands alone. But hey this week in the Daily Telegraph Gandy has now been labelled by me as Uncle Cool. Picture this. Beckham pulls ups kids in tow walking in his Redwing boots and kicking butt with his Belstaff leather jacket. Whilst Gandy has pulled up in his clean Jaguar, thanks to his nephew. There in 50 ( shades ) of Light Blue that suit, is now worn with a t-shirt. Yes T-shirts. This is one thing they have in common. That bloody epic T-shirt that can be worn any time any where.Then after school drop off. Mr Spike, Beckham taking off in his Harley Davidson. Whilst Mr Slick chatting with the single mums staring in the far distance.

Single versus Married

Should Gandy be worried about Beckham coming into the fashion scene more and more. No not all. Because the reality is that Mr Single has equal influence as Mr Married. This is why Britain and the male fashion industry is so exciting. The style tips that these two can offer are for completely different reasons and for different men. There is more than enough scope for these two, to illustrate to the world. That fashion for men is sexy, sassy and just exploding. If you need inspiring check out my interviews with David Gandy himself.

Gracie Opulanza – Her Dream Interview

Will Britain’s two most influential male fashion icons be at the next London Collections:Men in January? I certainly hope so. If it’s one interview I would love to do even before then. It’s Gandy and Beckham together? Even if it’s all in the name of charity. Why do I want to interview these two together? What is the message that I want the world to hear from them? What is it that I want to challenge and encourage these two regarding the Goliath scenario within the  Fashion  Industry? For me these two are the David’s versus Goliath of the 21st century.

Know today that there is no force in the universe that can stop you from fulfilling your God-given destiny except for you. God is for you. You cast the deciding vote for whose plan you will actually live out.

One thing is for sure. I promise, I will not be holding that camera for obvious reasons?

Gracie Opulanza - MenStyleFashion 

David Gandy - London Collections Men wearing a Reiss Blue Suit

London Collections: Men June 2013

David Gandy - London Collections Men wearing a Reiss Blue Suit 3 Wheeler Morgan

It’s time for a walk off

David Gandy - Dolce & Gabbana Underwear Male model

David Beckham - Armani underwear 

David Bekcham Belstaff leather jacket flagship opening London

Belstaff Opening last week