Kate Moss

Unless you live on the moon, we all know who Kate Moss is? The question I have been asking myself for the last year is, why is it that every top magazine across the globe is using her so much? Is her face the only beautiful fashion representative for all the globe to see? Why are fashion magazines and every label so obsessed in using Kate Moss? For me, once you start obsessing with a certain look and a certain model, the magazines and labels need to have a hard look about their motives and why they are doing it. In a nut shell, they have become too obsessed with a certain, image, look, sex appeal and are not representing variety in fashion. They have simply lost their way when it comes to promoting being unique and stylish, let alone fashionable.

Fashion labels are playing it far too safe by using Kate Moss.

Kate Moss What Is She Worth

Kate Moss was born in England and has an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars. A wildly successful model, despite being shorter and less curvaceous than most popular models. Role model for us to aspire to, that’s debatable? Are we all going to have to get the Kate Moss look, attitude and motto? Well if it’s up-to the magazines, it seems so.

Spanish Vogue And Every Bloody Vogue

This month she is featured in Vogue Spain. The photo shoot and outfits look amazing. BUT. Do you know how many gorgeous Spanish women are out there? Unless I am mistaken, the male model certainly looks Spanish to me? I understand that you don’t necessarily have to be related to every country label you are promoting but Kate Moss is in every country all over the globe. For me, her face for fashion has become far too predictable and very boring to look at. The magazines are playing far too safe as far as I am concerned. Get creative and start using other models on a regular basis

Variety Please

I am just putting it out there. Maybe we should move on a little and give some scope to other beautiful women. Let’s face it, there are about 6,973,738,433 (2011) people in this world. There are a lot of beautiful, different looking women also around the globe. Can we start using other women to represents fashion labels and their covers? We do, I know most of the time more so than ever it’s Kate. And it looks like it is not going to get any less. It’s a fact that Kate Moss bookings for everything fashion are already sorted for 2013. Oh no!

Kate Moss for Vogue Paris

Kate Moss for Vogue Paris

Kate Moss for Vogue Spain

Kate Moss ELLE France

Kate Moss for USA BAZAAR

Kate Moss for Spain Vogue

Kate Moss for MANGO