GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013

GQ Men Of The Year Awards

GQ magazine is one of the most influential magazines for men. In fact the latest written article for its British September issue promotes: Read our world exclusive interview with Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn on success, sex and celebrity. For me the men certainly out classed the woman at lasts night awards, because they were deemed as, sexy, smart and fully dressed.

I am a tad confused. Why have we not got these guys dressing semi naked for last nights awards hotting up the red carpet. After all it’s a man night out. It belongs to men, it’s the man’s red carpet event and moment. My goodness it’s the epic, GQ Men Of The Year Awards for 2013. OR IS IT?

Red Carpet, Sex & Breast Fest Awards

Once again the only ones dominating the red carpet were woman. Why have we got to use woman on that red carpet showing us that fashion, sex and a lot of breasts is the only way that GQ can sassy up a man’s award. Is it fear that men won’t be able to pull in the crowds? I certainly hope not? Why are woman even allowed to walk the red carpet at a man’s award? This is about men and their moment on the red carpet.

I’m sure the crowd would love David Gandy coming in a revealing three piece suit. For me these outfits that our inspirational young ladies chose to wear last night, belong somewhere else not at a red carpet event. One for me which belongs to the guys.

David Gandy - GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013

Men Style & Fashion – Stand on You Own Two Feet

I just want to encourage any man out there to dress up let alone dress well. My message is simple. The next man’s awards keep the woman off that red carpet and get as many influential gorgeous guys to stand alone on their own two feet. God created man first for a reason. So keep leading they way. If your not sure what to wear at your next red carpet event then let  guide you.

Eddie-Redmayne-GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013


Samuel Jackson-GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013

Jessie-J GQ Men's-Awards-2013

Rita-Ora- GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013


Piers-Morgan-and Celia Walden GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013


Pharrell-Williams- GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013


Emma-Watson - GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013


Daisy Lowe-L-and Alexa Chung GQ magazine Awards for men 2013

Alexa Chung sexy, sassy and appropriately dressed

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