You can turn thinking into doing.  I am a true believer of this and experienced it many times. For 2021 I am speaking specifically my collaboration goals. One of my design objectives is finding  brands to collaborate with, that I want to have a positive narrative

Art is the highest form of hope

What I mean by this when we create we give hope to others. I have travelled a lot and know that culture is physical. You can’t experience different cultures without being physically there.

Part of my marketing message or storytelling will be through culture here in Tuscany Italy.

Villa for sale Tuscany 2021 gracie Opulanza Italy (2)

Living Life Through Products

There are two ways I live my life. Knowing everything is a miracle. Knowing when to say yes to a brand. So when I create with other brands, it is my goal to capture the art of storytelling their message on my blog.

What To Choose To Collaborate?

What is it in it for me? What am I doing here? What is my ability to see something as a storytelling opportunity?

Solving problems that I yet not know exists, is normally how I end up creating an idea.

For me, I am a lover of shoes. I gravitate to shoes that are functional, comfortable and stylish. On this occasion, due to my lockdown life, I opted for a clog brand called Caretti Clogs.

These Villas are old and cold and you need sturdy shoes that can be easily taken on and off when needed. Clogs tick all the boxes for villa living.

I love leather, I support and have a passion for everything Made In Italy.

I understand when I am collaborating its like the first scientists. They were deemed more artists than just scientists.

For example, Leonardo Da Vinci was both.

When collaborating understand your skill sets and work from there.

Caretti Clogs – Handcrafted Italian Leather Shoes

Do Not Take Our Surroundings For Granted

This pandemic has made me more aware of my natural surroundings. The importance of nature is a human necessity. It’s what my DNA is made of, dust. I am on a stunning estate here in Tuscany. Every day I walk and explore what nature gives back to me.

As a result due to seeking inner calm and staying alone. My creative mind is untapped into ideas I never thought I could dream of. Surrounding myself and immersing in nature is helping me be very stress-free.

A peaceful mind means a mind that is free to create.

I now live in this world with a different point of view. That the opulent lifestyle I seek is to be able to walk in freedom where and when I want.

Freedom to go out where and whenever is a gift in itself without wearing a mask.


I grew up in Australia where the sun was strong and bright. I took for granted that sunlight access was for everyone. Some parts of the world have the no right access to sunlight. When there is light depending on where we are in the world the light looks different. I have been to South Korea where smog thanks to China reduces their sunlight considerably.

Don’t take sunlight for granted and I know being here in Tuscany the light around the globe is different.

tuscany for sale swimming pool view italy gracie opulanza

The sky blue and light here in Tuscany is stunning and very bright.

Design Is The Practice Of Letting Go

Self-confidence gave me the ability to fly.  By letting go of what is not necessary when it comes to collaborating.  Is why I have learnt I can’t design without doubt about what I am trying to create.

When I create I feel uncomfortable. When this happens I feel very alone. In that stillness and loneliness is where l create.

Suspend your disbelief to be brave and allow others to tear your ideas apart.

To push against the grain, resulted for many years of me been personally mocked and criticised. In my serenity and during these horrible times. i learnt about staying in the eye of the storm.

Through this process, I have gained a whole lot of new confidence.

When designing be prepared at any moment in time to give permission to change an idea or project as you go. The discovery of innocence is a part of the loss.

Fresco Italy – Interior Design Inspirations


Nature means to give birth. Nature is the untouched mother. I want to work with brands that make items that last for a few seasons and in any case a lifetime.  As I have reviewed so many hotels and see so much plastic waste not needed. This is my gift of giving back to mother nature.

Tangible pay off is what I do now during this pandemic. The collaborations I am working on right now are a result of me seeing more with the brand.  Asking myself should I make an effort?

When it comes to family and small businesses made in Italy. I will always make more effort.

Vegan handpainted bag Tuscany 2021