Lace is a timeless fabric that sends out mixed messages. Its alluring range of designs can leave one mesmerised in fashion, chic envy or one thinking WHERE IS THE CLASS?

Celebrities heading out for the evening or on the red carpet are all-embracing lace dresses. Who would blame them? However, where is the balance between class and no class or in some cases showing far too much.

The power of lace?

Wearing lace for me is embracing pure, elegant, femininity.  It gives you that sense of power and image; relentlessly refusing to compromise femininity. That’s the beauty and power of why women wear lace dresses in the first place. When worn well in public the Lace dress has a  mysterious sexual presence about it.

In pure elegant form, Irina Shayk showed her body-hugging black lace dress. The lace panels running down the sides were gorgeous and she looked amazing. The rest of her private parts were simply covered and rightly so.

The balance of class and being desperate

Kristen Stewart’s controversial beige dress just simply turned heads for all the wrong reasons. I understand the power of marketing and the sexual aspects that go with being a celebrity. However, she is gorgeous, has an amazing figure, she can act and certainly has the popularity vote. However, lace dresses do not need ladies showing off all their private parts.  It makes the dress and the person look cheap, nasty and desperate.  Let the public imagination run wild when it comes to your private bits. We don’t need soft porn messages on the red carpet. Plenty of that in our daily lives and magazines etc.

Ever wondered why we all don’t run around in our lace underwear in public?

Invest in a lace dress

If you can only afford one piece of clothing this winter. Get yourself a lace dress and for goodness sake make sure you cover your bits. Celebrities are not the only role models of fashion today. In some cases learn from their mistakes and don’t adopt this trend at all.


Kristen Stewart in Zuhair Murad gorgeous lace dress.


Finding the balance where the lace dress states elegance and class is the key ladies


Worn well the ace dress is a class masterpiece.


Nude underlay can add to the lace dress when done the right way. Irina Shayk looking fab.


Gorgeous, sexy, and sophisticated, is what lace is all about


Trash dressing leads to backlash and makes you look cheap.


No class, we don’t want to see your bits, let alone your ………..


Can men wear lace?