If you are graduating this year then you will know just how much of a festive occasion it can be. The ceremony is such a big event in your life you will never forget it, and if your parents are anything like mine, they won’t forget it either. So, making an impression on that special day is vital right? Well, yes, but the great thing about Graduation is that there aren’t as many rules as you may think when it comes to dress codes, whether you dress formal or casual you are sure to enjoy your big day. Make sure you choose a dress you will be comfortable in, as the ceremony can last quite a while, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable when you should be enjoying and celebrating your degree.


Just because you will have a gown to wear doesn’t mean the dress underneath doesn’t matter, you might be heading out to a huge family meal afterwards, or celebrating with your classmates, so take that into consideration. Colour doesn’t really matter in a graduation dress, but I wouldn’t recommend going too bright. Try dressing in colours which are appropriate for this season, good choices would be gold, reds, blacks, silvers and browns. Jolaby have a gorgeous selection of dresses in these colours, which would be fantastic graduation choices. Consider the weather in your colour choice too, and try not to under-dress, this is such a momentous occasion in your life which should be shown dignity. With this said, don’t overdress either, a floor length ball gown will leave you looking out of place and be very unpractical when walking across a stage to receive your certificate.


When choosing jewellery to go with your dress, keep it minimal. One or two pieces should be fine. You don’t want to overload yourself with sparkle, nice statement earrings or a necklace is all you need. Think about what shoes you want to wear, and then think about if they will be practical for the occasion. High heels are a nightmare on gravel or grass, but would kook gorgeous when collecting your certificate. A great trick it to wear high heels to the ceremony but bring flat shoes with you too, so you can change once the ceremony is over. Graduation is a long day, so staying in heels all the way through may be a challenge.


Most of all graduation is there for you to have fun and celebrate everything you achieved in university with your fellow class mates. So regardless of what you wear, be proud of your cap and gown, you’ve deserved it!



Make sure you are comfortable in what you wear


Don’t neglect your final touches