Having such quick access to wool here in Tuscany has been particularly beneficial in a year like this one. What I am finding is that wool designs are dated. It’s this reason I feel many younger people don’t like to buy it. Or are afraid to even wash wool. Fast fashion has diluted wool because the youth think it’s not easy to maintain. I am here to inspire you that this is not true.

Wool is warm, breathable and self-cleaning, so you don’t need to wash it much.”

Wool is also cool in the warmer months too.

So here is what I designed for a comfortable edgy wool look.

Cashmere wool purple made in Italy Gracie Opulanza 2021 (2)

Purple Cashmere Dress

I opted for purple dress knitwear. I like to wear it with knee-high boots and leggings. cashmere wool purple dress Gracie Opulanza 2021 made in Italy

The arms will be bell sleeves with a flattering collar. A seventies vibe is what I am opting for. This cashmere just feels amazing and soft and the wool is sourced here in Tuscany. The designer has been using a more traditional style of wool designs. I have pushed her boundaries in thinking more updated in wool wear design.

Cashmere wool purple made in Italy Gracie Opulanza 2021 (2)

Fargo country boots byTracey Neuls.

Wool Comfort

Comfort has risen to prominence this year, along with a greater appreciation of nature and the slower side of life. If you’ve ever enjoyed a view of a hillside dotted with sheep. Remember then it is probably in your own interest to help protect the wool industry, too.

Don’t be afraid to opt for new colour knitwear. Go for vibrant colours. This Spanish designer ticked all the boxes through this wool design.

https://gracieopulanza.com/?s=lockdown Mustard

Red Cape

When opting for your personal design think about your personality and lifestyle. I am living outside on a massive estate it’s cold and I need wool items I can work in.

Originally this red cape was made too restrictive for me. My animated personality means I need movement in my wool sleeve.

red cape Tuscany

Lady Gaga Cape

She wore it because the cape was orginally made for astoctrats who had the power to make chnages withing their work place.

Lady Gaga is making a statement that she is proud to be American and singing to the world for the inaugration 2021.

So we redesigned the shoulders that I could move more freely. Lady Gaga chose the same should design so she could move in it too.

red cape Tuscany

As I am selling villas here in Tuscany. My wool image is important and I like to use the homes as a backdrop to show you my wool lifestyle living,

red cape Tuscany

Wool feels fabulous and it empowers me to do my job. When I am viewing villas worth millions it’s important to look the part and also wear durable quality items made here in Italy.

wool red cape Gracie Opulanza tuscany italy (2)

I find Italy is way ahead of the wool design collections opposed to other nations. I have been wearing trousers from Italy in cashmere and silk and it is durable, warm and looks great.

wool red cape Gracie Opulanza tuscany italy (2)

This cape is suited to my personality it’s the best jacket I have owned in many years.

Chunky knitwear

I am also getting made this chunky knitwear from Croatia. This design and style is super luxury and goes with dresses, leggings, jeans and tule skirts.

Clothes that my mother wore Mihaela Markovic 2020 knitwear

What is dear to me is the designer herself who creates this knitwear. Recruits on demand together poor women in Croatia to help make the knitwear. This cardigan has a purpose from the moment the orders come in. The cardigan takes about 5 weeks to make which is just exciting.

MIHAELA MARKOVIC 2019 Knitwear Black Strand Palace Hotel London United Kingdom Fashion

The next time you go for a cheap, nasty jumper. Ask yourself what am I doing to preserving the world I live in?

Wool is eco friendly and by buying it we support the wool industry. We also take care of sheep and our world.

red cape Tuscany