Zandra Rhodes - English Fashion Designer for Opera

Zandra Rhodes

Who is Zandra Rhodes? For me she is the woman that has revolutionised Opera wear On and Off The Stage. She is certainly a lover of colour, textile and fabulous fabrics. She has dressed many celebrities for over five decades and founded the Fashion and Textile Museum, London in 2003.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Zandra who is very clear of her role in fashion. Why is it important to have these truly dedicated fashion icons sharing their gifts. It’s very simple. When one has a passion and gift regarding textiles and colour then it’s important that she shares it to anyone wanting to learn the art and skill.


For those that know me and for those that don’t. I am on a mission to encourage any man or woman to make a huge effort dressing up when going to the Opera. On a very small scale I’ve had the pleasure in working with Opera singers. So looking at her collections on and off the stage it states drama on every level. The textiles are a story within themselves. I would encourage you to read the amount of work it takes in years, for Zandra in getting a truly visually superb Opera costume together. There is no excuse now. The next time you need an outfit for the Opera and want to create your own theatre, all in the name of fashion, then shop for her collection.

In her own words: “And when that curtain goes up, you can be sure we’re all waiting to hear the audience reaction – that’s our reward.”


Zandra Rhodes - English Fashion Designer 0


Zandra Rhodes - English Fashion Designer 0



Zandra Rhodes - English Fashion Designer

Image Credits: Maria Scard