How Many Hats Can a Woman Wear in One Day?

We wear so many hats during the course of our lives that it’s quite remarkable. How do we do it so effortlessly? Have you ever thought about all the different roles you play. Hat fashion is a huge trend this year. The key to looking good in a hat is choosing your hat shape and understand the rules that go with it.

Hat Etiquette

Wearing a hat right now can be a lot more complicated than you think. Should women remove hats that go with dinner suits or dinner dresses throughout the evening? Apparently not.

“It used to be very much an act of courtesy and respect to remove your hat,” said Rancho Santa Fe resident Susan Witt, who teaches international protocol at San Diego State University. “It was kind of a flourish when a man removed a hat to show courtesy to a woman. It was a way of flirting“. Gracie Opulanza poses the question: Could this role be reciprocated in 2013? You are damn right it can.

Amy Vanderbilt gave women the choice about whether to wear hats to outdoor parties and weddings in her 1963 New Complete Book of Etiquette.

Women should keep their hats on in homes holding christenings, weddings and funerals, because in those occasions the house is treated as if it were a house of worship

Emily Post an expert on hat etiquette was quoted as saying as far back as 1959: “It is impossible for a hatless woman to be chic.” She added that it is incorrect to wear a hat with an evening dress, however. Hats can be worn to theaters or concerts, but people should remove them if they are blocking anyone’s view.

Which Side To Wear Your Hatband

Hat-wearers must be careful when putting something on their hatband.  Anything put on the band of a man’s hat must be on the left side, and anything on a woman’s hatband must be on the right.

Don’t Neglect Your Lips

Your lipstick as you can see is crucial in your over all complete look. Choose your colour and always wear bright lipsticks when wearing a hat. Bright colours are great and in this case red is best as you can see.


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Hats,caps, hoodies for women 2013

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Hats,caps, hoodies for women 2013

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