Five years ago, I tweeted that one of my dreams was to own my first ever bespoke suit from Savile Row London. If you want the bespoke suit experience, Savile Row in London is the place to do it. Can any tailor make bespoke suits for women on Savile Row in 2020?

Making a bespoke suit for women is an entirely different skill. Women have boobs and are much curvier!

Why are women not opting for a bespoke suit? The simple reason is fashion is a saturated market. Women like to buy clothes on the impulse. Can this view be changed?

Bespoke Suits For Bespoke Cars

For my job at MenStyleFashion, I review luxury cars in the UK with British brands. So if you can afford a Rolls Royce, I would certainly get a suit made to match the car and lifestyle. What bespoke suit should I be wearing as the owner of a men’s magazine called MenStyleFashion?

I would have loved to collaborate wearing the best of British tailoring from Savile Row whilst reviewing the best of British car brand Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce is breaking down boundaries by bringing out a monstrous SUV in the Cullinan. I would have loved to break down stereotypical boundaries when it comes to bespoke suits for women. The Cullinan is huge with female and younger buyers and it is a car that is extremely bespoke. Why not market this with a bespoke suit for women to match a bespoke car.



Savile Row Is Suffering

Due to the pandemic sales for bespoke suits or suits, in general, are down 85%. In 2014 Savile Row was struggling already and social media was in its infancy. Trying to reinvent itself to target a younger digital market was a slow and ongoing process.

In 2014, I interviewed one of the finest tailors that had been ignored for years, I loved every bit of it. So who do you bring back to save Savile Row? Is that Edward Sexton and who is he?

I am happy to share this beneficial interview which will give you an insight into what is a traditional part of London’s fashion. I hope with some modernisation that this institute will survive the savages of the Covid-19 pandemic and the move to online retailing.

Edward Sexton Returns To Savile Row

I met Edward Sexton in 2015 and it has to be one of the best interviews to date with regards to tailoring. It’s critical market research, because the man who outfitted the Beatles, Elton John and Mick Jagger in his distinctive tailored suits is coming back to Savile Row for the first time in 20 years at age 78.

Edward Sexton turned up bright and early scouting the reality of other stores opening hours this week!

The answer’s rather more pragmatic. “I was checking everyone’s opening hours to see how ours might match up,” said the eagle-eyed Sexton – Telegraph UK

Britain Lockdown

We put a lot of work and energy into this so it’s very disappointing, but we hope that once this is over people will have even more zest for getting out there and getting ready for Christmas,”, says Sexton, who has masterminded the logistics with the creative director of the brand’s ready-to-wear, Dominic Sebag-Montefiore.

Click And Collect Service

They have an online store, but the two are also launching a click-and-collect service, surely a Savile Row first. They are staying in phone contact with older clients who might not be as au fait with the digital age. It’s a great time to order a bespoke suit, everyone on Savile Row has plenty of time for you.


Savile Row 2020 Edward Sexton @TelegraphUK

Why Tailors Choose Not To Make Suits For Women

Edward in 2015 explained in detail that cutting for men and for women are two different skills. Not many tailors have that skill. Edward can make me a bespoke suit he has that skill. I was measured by Edward in 2015. What a lovely experience that was. While the circumstances are profoundly different now, Sexton’s heard the death knell of Savile Row before and it has always managed to survive.

“Doom-mongering is nothing new. When I started this job people were saying Savile Row is finished. I’ve seen recessions, the Three-Day Week under Ted Heath, and we endured.”

Cad And The Dandy

I spoke to owner James Sleater of Cad And The Dandy last week about the state of affairs of Savile Row.

He opened a new venture on Savile Row called The Service. There are currently 15 empty shops on Savile Row. When in a pandemic it’s all about sticking together. All the street’s remaining inhabitants want to shine a light on what we all do and make.

This was me with James way back in 2014 getting measured for a suit. I am wearing a wool and leather dress by Alexander McQueen. Who got trained on Savile Row whilst a student.

Cad And The Dandy savile row 2014 getting measured for a bespoke suit in London Uk (2)Cad And The Dandy savile row 2014 getting measured for a bespoke suit in London Uk (2)

An apologetic James a few weeks later explained that their only tailor who could make the suit for me was a woman and she left.

Revolutionising Central London

Shopping in central London as we know it is over. It will take someone with bold moves to get the city back on its feet. I say bring electric scooters, bike lanes and no cars. Pedestranise Regent Street, Bond Street and Oxford Street including Savile Row.

So that everyone living in central London can walk, ride in their bespoke suits. Bring back creative arts, and create office spaces for creative minds. I am sure Savile Row has had some support from the government during this pandemic. The famous Savile Row needs to be treasured.

Bespoke Orders Thriving In This Pandemic

Don’t sit still as a designer. I am in Italy at the moment hiding out of what seems to be the 2nd wave in the Covid-19 pandemic. I have teamed up with a few Italian ateliers and designers and I notice there is still a good demand for bespoke goods. With fashion supply chains in tatters, the bespoke designers can still deliver. In Italy, this is easier as there is still some local manufacturing left.

My own collection of pandemic wear is being created in Rome thanks to my haute couture master Angela. She is making many bespoke outfits for women right now. But in the meantime, this is my stay home estate look thanks to Angela who made me this turban to cover my white hairs.


I am wearing Etro silk turban on my estate. It is a fabric from an haute couture tailor here in Rome.

Below is a bespoke kaftan made for me and will be launched in 2021 using sustainable fabrics.

kaftan wear 2021

I am mixing art with fashion here at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

I hope the return of Edward Sexton to Savile Row, who has survived many crises in the past, signals a shift in marketing and fortunes. I am still dreaming of wearing a bespoke suit once and maybe unlock the women market to this British fashion institute.