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The current stereotypical suit advice for women in business is the advice written below. I am not in favour of that and will give you my view on how to set a new trend to let your personality shine through with the suit that you are wearing.

Traditional Views On Suits For Women

Every woman who works in the professional world should own at least one suit. If you’re only going to buy one, or plan on wearing it to an interview, choose something conservative and timeless. Although trouser suits are the norm for women in most offices, it’s still (unfortunately) considered more traditional to wear a skirt suit. If you’re going on an interview, or work in a conservative field, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If possible, when buying the suit, get the skirt and pants that match the jacket. If you can only get one to match, go for the skirt.


My advice is to choose a basic colour. If you’re purchasing for occasional use, get black or charcoal grey, either solid or with understated pinstripes. The more basic the colour of the suit, the easier it is to mix it with the colour of blouses.


As is the case for men, the women’s suit must fit perfectly. The skirt should hit right at the knee, if it is too long it looks frumpy and if it is too short it looks unprofessional. As for the jacket, the sleeves should hit at the top of your hand above the wrist. If you are petite, get it tailored as it will be too hard to find a jacket that fits. Do not get an non-traditional fit such as the three-quarter sleeves or a pleated skirt. Get something that will be in style for years.
So that is the traditional views on suits for women, and it is perfectly safe. If you are like me and are willing to break with tradition, I advise you to find a bespoke tailor to incorporate a less traditional design.

Gracie Sets The Trend For Bespoke

As an eccentric personality that loves to write about fashion, sports and lifestyle, I need something that shows off my eccentricity. As I write and am one of the co- founders of it also makes perfect sense for me to wear suits that men can admire and take me seriously in the world of fashion.

To mix both requirements I am going to have a bespoke suit made by no other than Savile Row, the birth place of bespoke tailoring. Are you willing to let your personality shine through to the type of suit that you are wearing? It will not be long before I unveil my new look and hopefully you can do the same for 2015, so be bold and go bespoke.

Gracie In Action Last Year

In the photos below you see me in action at a Savile Row presentation of Gieves & Hawkes held January 2014. The suit jacket I was wearing was way too big, so for this year my aim is to get it right. Follow me in my suit journey. For all the photos below, I have to give credit to my great photographer and personal friend, the epic , the epic Maria Scard.

Gieves & Hawkes 2014 Savile Row

Gieves & Hawkes 2014 Savile Row

Gieves & Hawkes 2014 Savile Row (33)

Gieves & Hawkes 2014 Savile Row Gieves & Hawkes 2014 Savile Row Gieves & Hawkes 2014 Savile Row Gieves & Hawkes 2014 Savile Row