Just a a few days before Luxury Week London 2015 began, I hit my small toe on a door. It was black and badly bruised and I thought, there goes the high heels for this event. What’s more, I had so much to bring because for the next seven nights and seven days stay, I was going to experience and share the world of luxury with 5 star hotels, Michelin star restaurants and also drive a Bentley GT Speed Convertible worth £220,000. So my choice of shoes had to be small and comfortable. Luckily when I was in Malaysia last summer, I spotted these gorgeous foldable pumps and I bought a blue pair and a pale pink one as well. When I wear these pumps, heads literally turn.

Gracie Opulanza Jwest foldable pumps Singapore Shangri le hotel at the shard london (2)

Comfort At The Wheel

Whilst driving a Bentley it is important to be able to brake and have your feet firmly on the car peddles. For safety especially as these bars are very powerful.


Nas-Abraham-Grosenvor-House-Apartments-London-Jumeirah--Luxury-Week-London-MenStyleFashion-Maria-Scard-Plume-Angel-Peacock-feathers000160 Nas-Abraham-Grosenvor-House-Apartments-London-Jumeirah--Luxury-Week-London-MenStyleFashion-Maria-Scard-Plume-Angel-Peacock-feathers000157

Foldable Pumps

The great thing is they are flat and comfortable, and you can fit about 50 pairs in your whole suitcase if you want to. In my life where I travel a lot, this comes in handy. It is all about looking stylish without the weight,  travelling light while still able to go to luxurious environments and look good as well. But running around for MenStyleFashion takes its toll so my footwear needs to be super comfortable and edgy. These are the best inventions ever and this particular brand is so comfortable it is called Jwest Singapore.





Shoes To Drive A Bentley

I feel like a ballerina on ice well in this case at the Shangri – La at The Shard hotel. You see with a view like this, what more does a woman need? They are great for grip when driving a Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible. Watch how I handle the car with my foldable pumps.

Gracie Opulanza Jwest foldable pumps Singapore Shangri le hotel at the shard london (2)

Gracie Opulanza The Shard London

Shangri-La at The Shard Hotel MenStyleFashion Luxury Week London Bentley 2015 (13)