Sneaker Box

In the last year the revamp regarding trainers or sneakers is very interesting. There is such a competitive market and new brands creating fashion trainers both for the gym and for everyday wear. Brands have to keep thinking outside the box. Well, in the case of JD Sports, it is all about the box itself. JD Sports are calling themselves the “King of Trainers” and I am taking a closer look at the latest sneaker box package.


JD Sports “King Of Trainers” Sneaker Box

It is a sleek black finish box and when you first peel your eyes on I,t there is nothing that shouts out to you yet. Now I am a huge lover of boxes and collect so many quirky shoe boxes. So what is in the box? Why should you literally get your running shoes on to go out and buy it?

What Is In The Box

This huge black box contains a Limited Edition trainer archive with matching Top Trumps, and both are designed by U-Dox.

Next in the box is Crep Protect’s ultimate “Art of Protection” kit. This is to protect your trainers from dirt and keep them clean, and to help you, it even comes with a video guide.

You can change your shoelaces with Mr. Lacy Ropies, which are in the box as well. It’s amazing what a pair of laces can actually do to change the overall look of a trainer. To keep the shoes in good shape, the sneaker box also includes some shoe trees. There are some more small items like sweets and Wingman 3-1 shampoo and moisturiser, which are great for when you have finished your work out and want to feel energised and fresh.

Krate & Co Transparent Shoebox

The highlight of the sneaker box is the Krate & Co transparent shoebox. If you are like me and you want to display your shoes even when not wearing them, this is the box. You can see your trainers and treat them like a king. This box also protects your trainers on your travels and even in your wardrobe from being squashed by other stuff. I should get more of these boxes for my other shoes.

Last but not least, there was some straw, great for giving this box around Christmas time. I decided to use the straw to display my latest pair of ASICS Gel Cumulus 17.

The “King of Trainers” sneaker box is the ultimate accessories pack to treat your trainers like a king, or in my case like a queen.

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