Bolongaro Trevor

While walking the streets of Covent Garden on Earlham Street, I noticed this store called Bolongaro Trevor. The gorgeous picturesque staff member, Hariet, is a perfect staff asset that illustrates the shop image to a Bolongaro Trevor tee. It has chic, edgy, casual wear that looks so comfortable and very attractive. She talked about how she loves and feels privilege to be working in the shop.

Hariet sold the philosophy of the shop, highlighting vintage buttons, gorgeous scarves with skull head prints and the silk feel about them. She promoted the military jacket, a look which I love. The leather jacket range was very urban chic. Hariet highlighted the limited edition collections. The shirts had unusual angular cuts. She pointed out the buttons attached to the shirts which allow you to rearrange the appearance and have another complete look about it. Every customer that walked in was shown her love for the collection with clear fashion confidence and enthusiasm.

She is the perfect example of amazing customer service and that alone enticed me to walk out with half the collection in toe.

The shop decor is so vintage looking, lots of metal about and  the wall paper prints are so gorgeous. A look and a purchase highly recommended!