It is easy to get caught up in wearing the latest trends when you are heading to London Fashion Week. But the runways are all for that and so are the influencers who are getting paid to promote what I call staged fashion. Staged fashion is people wear what they are been told to showcase. It is boring, nothing original and someone what lazy. trending your own personal style requires money time and effort. London Fashion Week is all about selling new trends for the next season.  I am all about trend-setting my own unique personal style.

London Fashion Week 2013 - What the women wore

I wore a red suit from ZARA, teamed it with pearls and a Massimo Chanel-inspired leather jacket. I teamed it with my Mui Mui eyewear which was originally sunglasses. I wore them too when I was trending a Matrix vibe too.

These are clothing from past seasons I am wearing the m with confidence, knowing I am the only one who will be turning up in original style. This is an excellent example of trend-setting. Or showcasing upcycling or vintage fashion.

Choose A Hairstyle That You Want To Trend

Whilst not knowing what the next catwalk season is going to trend regarding hairstyles. It’s important to create your hair in a way that looks tidy and neat and long-lasting for the events you will be attending. Hair attachments are a great idea for this.

London Fashion Week 2013 - beehive hairstyles for women

Choose Your Jacket

It is important that the leather jacket style is different to the one everyone else is used too. London Fashion Weeks are all about self-promotion and getting photographed as much as you can.

London Fashion Week 2013 - Leather tweed jacket

Team your leather jacket with colour. Make an effort to dress up for this worldly fashion event.

London Fashion Week 2013 - Staff uniform

Creative Art Pieces

If you are a designer and want to get your clothing noticed. Choose the right person to walk around and command attention. London Fashion Week is all about street style and people showing off other designers’ collections. Make sure you know what you are wearing and follow each other on Instagram and tik tok.

London Fashion Week 2013 - Asian women in yellow dress

There is a balance between looking silly and being playful. Make sure you are clear on your intention regarding what you want to project either as a designer or a influencer.

London Fashion Week 2013 - What the women wore


As the owner of MenStyleFashion, I make sure I wear colours that are noticeable,  Men are easy to approach and don’t take fashion all that seriously. Give them something to remember you by. I am all about focusing on the 

London Fashion Week 2013 - What the women wore

London Fashion Week 2013 - What the women wore

Try and find someone who is trending classic looks. They are timeless and good for your social media chats. Also, choose a day when you want to wear a hat. Hats are always a call to action when it comes to seeking attention. Hats never go out of fashion and they certainly look fabulous through out seasons.



London Fashion Week 2013 - What the women wore

London Fashion Week 2013 - What the women wore

Make sure you add colour to your outfits as all black is boring and won’t stand out. Streetstyle whilst waiting for a catwalk is how people getting scouted to be the new models of tomorrow. Make sure you smell good too. i am shocked at the hygiene of some people whilst sitting next to them during  a fashion show.