ZEN World Fashion Mega Store

Back in 1993 when I visited Bangkok for the first time this was already the coolest shopping destination in Bangkok. On Friday January 6 2012 Asia’s first Lifestyle Trendy mega store reopened to the general public. The long wait was finally over.

Zen which started in 1991 was called “the best department store in the world” by globetrotting retail trend spotter Howard Saunders before it was destroyed in an arson attack during street protests in Bangkok in 2010.

In its original form, Zen got international praise for its identification of and positioning to a defined target audience of young, upwardly mobile consumers . This was a different path then the “appeal-to-everyone”  approach of many international department stores.

With 50000 square feet of retail space, ZEN features a selection of famous cutting-edge and fashionable brands in every category, presented in an exciting atmosphere that appeals to Young @Hearts, affluent Thais, Expatriates and Tourists. Each level has its distinctive personality to reach out to its core customers while still flowing seamlessly from space to space.

ZEN World burning at the street protest in Bangkok.

ZEN department store is situated at the Ratchaprasong Intersection of downtown Bangkok, in the heart of the city’s shopping belt.

For more info check www.zen.co.th