This season get a chic and glamorous look with corsets.The opulent designs and gems that have been sown onto these amazing pieces is a clear indication of how feminine they really are.

Where do you wear such an item? For me it’s about wearing them even at home. Nothing more exciting that spicing up your relationship in one of these pieces. Even home parties will certainly start up a stir on all  fashion fronts. I have amazing vintage gems on a manican. I love staring at the craftmanship and beauty of the corset. They are an amazing costume peice that look fabulous on stage.

Why should women wear corsets?

  1. it makes your waist smaller,
  2. it lifts and supports your bosom,
  3. it improves your posture.

Those three effects are the reason why corsets have survived such a long time; they enhance the beauty, elegance, femininity and attractivity of each woman. The effects number 1. and 2. are consequences of the pressure which the corsets exerts on the waist and lower ribcage. Effect number 3. is due to the stiffening busks in the corset.

Aside from these main effects corsets have, of course, other, agreeable impacts on your body:

  1. if the corset is long enough below the waist, then it makes your stomach perfectly flat,
  2. if the corset is long enough above the waist, then you can dispense with bras, for your bosom is supported by the corset,
  3. the corset supports your back when you have to sit on a chair for a long time; this is comfortable and it makes sense from an orthopaedic point of view.

They all influence your appearance positively.

Be bold and embrace the corset you won’t be disappointed.

Mila Kunis Harpers Bazaar April 2012+13

corset-dreses-bling, 2012


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