I am wearing a turban from a Pucci print fabric. No longer used after the runway. The turban for this summer is brilliant. Due to lock down and the lack of access to hair salons. Turbans are a stylish accessory to wear to cover unruly hair. They can be used for stay home wear too.

Here in Venice, they are in every window. But I am not seeing anyone wear them yet.


Beach Attire

Here in Venice whilst staying at the Hotel Excelsior in Venice Lido. I wore my turban on the shuttle boat and on the beach. Besides the pool and at breakfast. This turban turned heads everywhere I walked within this five-star hotel.

Pucci Turban Venice Gracie Opulanza Italy summer (3)

The background wall print is over 100 years old in the Junior Suite here at Hotel Excelsior, Lido Venice.

Green Turban

On this occasion, she has nailed it regarding wearing green from head to toe.

Turban green Venice

This is very stylish due to the clashing of the floral pleated skirt and matching top. Her green turban and pointed flats are so super street summer chic.

Turban green Venice

This is a fabulous outfit to go on a Gondola.

Classic Boat Style

Turbans look fabulous on boats. In Venice where the famous film festival is on. I was inspired by the woman of the past. Hence I felt glamourous and confident wearing my turban. I don’t treat my hair well when at seaside locations.

Venice Turban Gracie Opulanza summer style

This particular turban has loads of column to balance out my facial shape.

Venice Turban Gracie Opulanza summer style

Swimming With Your Turban

I like to pose, swim and walk around the pool with my turban on. It is such a stylish statement when I do. I am always colour clashing it is a wonderful message for mental health.

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Swimming pool

If you are opting for more of a floral print here are some ideas.

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Swimming pool

Turban looks great with vintage bikinis.

How To Choose Your Turban?

Understand your colour palette. In summer opt for colour clashing. And know your face shape. My bespoke turban was made to match my Pucci Pyjama.

Junior Suite Hotel Excelsior Venice

The background tiles are over 100 years old in the Junior Suite here at Hotel Excelsior.

La Biennale Venice yellow


On this occasion, I teamed it with silver and copper accessories. Let the turban Pucci print do the talking.

Turban for Summer Cruella

With my golden turban, I am wearing bespoke accessories by NKB London.


Hard to wear lipstick due to masks right now. I would match my turban with my mask, depending on the print.


Depending on where you are. Go for light colours and dusty pink eye shadow.


What To Wear With A Turban

Keep your outfit simple. Beige is a great neutral base. I would opt for colourful turbans. A poodle dress works well with turbans. Turbans look great on women over fifty.


Hat Versus A Turban

Replace your hat with a turban and give your striped suit a different look. Imagine if she had a matching turban, it would change her whole look. Street style Venice is what I love to watch.

Venice street style striped suit for women Piazza San Marco ITaly